Small Business Review: Exodus Cards…Can anyone make a NEW TCG Successful!??!





Richard Oaks says:

Sounds great, but unfortunately, my budget doesn’t leave room for it. But best of luck to them! Competition is good for the ccg market!

Mike Scalise says:

Rudy for president

Hymen Hitman says:

I bought into the game and showed it around in my area (even bought extra decks to give out)….people just didn’t like it 🙁 I loved it

openboosters says:

Sounds nice, I may have to try it.

Mike Barnes says:

picked up a box and a pair of starters if it is decent ill probably grab a few dozen boxes my distributer did not ahve it on hand but had herad of it

llodoroo says:

do bushiroad!

Angels of the Renaissance LLC. says:

Im working on a tcg that plays kinda like chess, alot like FF Tactics, and Tetra Masters… keep a look out- I uploaded a brief look into my game.

TyphoidBryan says:

Sympathetic Rudy is a good Rudy.

Megacorp says:

we would love to be connected to fellow small business Exodus 🙂

TJ Tubular says:

I’m getting excited about this, because it’s the close to the simplicity Wizards should’ve changed Magic to, but didn’t (and never will). As much as I like them, YGO is too complicated, and Pokémon is too “you need to like Pokémon”. With something generic like this, anybody could jump in an try it and have fun.

I want to try it out, and tell other people about it.

sanityeclipse9 says:

I’d love to buy a box of these, along with one of the playmats and possibly one or both starter decks but everything on the website is sold out. Any suggestions on how to purchase those? Thanks

Anthony Shamrock says:

It saddens me that Serra Angel was not in the video lol

skull666388 says:

The only issue I have is the price point choices and product exclusive cards, or more particularly, cards that are exclusive to precon decks.
They are matching the base price for precon decks, and yet have their booster boxes at half the price or less of most other game’s boxes.
Some pretty powerful generic spells come exclusively in the precons, so I feel if I want to get into this game, if it goes anywhere, I am forced to buy at least a starter before moving forwards because the spells are exclusive to the starters. Like, I understand it is to actually sell that product, but the power curve of some of the basic spells are really high for no cost cards, where a lot of the spells from the first set seem very situational and focused on things, like rarity or other sub types.

Femme Fatale says:

If this gains traction I’ll see what I can do to get to run a deckbuilding section for it. I’m currently seeing if the head (and only) developer for the site can better advertise the Hearthstone and FoW sections of its site on the front page, and if so, would be an excellent advertisement for the game if included in the roster.

Though I don’t know how effective tappedout would be for this, considering, you know, the name wouldn’t be something Exodus players would associate with Exodus. However, I can say that it would be more likely to happen if there were an easy access to link Exodus card data from, as to prevent having to manually enter cards. Something similar to what many sites do with Cause let me tell you managing tappedout’s MtG database manually is a job in and of itself, one in which I end up regularly taking breaks from.

Ghosty&Mushi Play says:

Great Video, We will be sure to check it out:)

hectorgodinez says:

Magic made an Unglued card called Rare Be Gone (or something like it). Targets only rares. Card actually sees a little Cube play.


yugioh is not small

MTG LION says:

You need a lot of artwork… lol.

Eric Lecarde says:

This game looks insanely good and well balanced. The way creatures work make it so that someone can actually win a tournament with a *starter deck*. I cannot think of any other TCG where this is the case. I really hope it takes off. I was going to buy a deck but they are sold out, so maybe it has a chance of succeding. Only time will tell.

Super Man says:

Here is the problem with all new TCG games. They cost money. It’s hard to convince an MTG player to not spend his money on MTG but on another TCG game, that is more or less impossible. Why? Because no one else plays this TCG game, because I’ve already invested thousands of dollars in MTG and this game will never be at it’s level. I would totally place Exodus, if it was free, like Hearthstone is. Compare this to Hearthstone, and it’s looking pretty bad. The problems are, it cost money, and you need friends to play, you need friends that want to spend money on it.

Freddie Duran says:

I love card games but I think some card games will automatically succeed simply because of the company who’s backing the game or putting it out. Like the final fantasy TCG. Although some may not like it, it’ll still succeed simply because it’s Final fantasy. It’s been around too long. It may not be that great off the bat but overtime due to again who’s backing it will work itself into being a good card game.
There’s plenty of themes for card games that have come and gone but just never had a chance to succeed for many reasons. I think Pokemon and yu gi oh succeeded because most of us in the states were introduced to it via cartoon, then the card game came out and it was an automatic love. Most collected the cards because they wanted it but many never even played it. Their buissness approach set them up to succeed. I’m not sure if there’s an MTG cartoon/anime but if there was I doubt it’s done good or that it would.
When jasco put out the street fighter card game it was cool but failed in many ways due to its theme and overall complexity of playing it. For one you had to know the character to even consider the game, two you usually needed someone to teach you the game cuz the rules weren’t explained that great, and three there was way too much that they tried to implement in the game about fighting. Making a good fighting game out of cards is hard and history of fighting card games shows this because each have failed. Making a good battling card game that doesn’t involve ppl that use their body as the weapon is much easier. A hand to hand fighting element in a card game isn’t easy. There’s high, mid, and low attacks as well as blocks. There’s supers, Ultras canclesout, and parry’s. Each character knows so many friggin moves it’s hard to make a deck out of them and keep the deck balanced. There’s a higher gambling aspect to fighting in card game versus fantasy monster creatures.
With fantasy creatures it’s simply deal such and such damage discard that or discard this. So overall the themes to these ccg’s and tcg’s is also what effects the game and it’s success. so many card games have failed but not all have failed because their mechanics suck it’s the other things involved that enabled the game to fail. Who wouldn’t want a ninja turtle card game that didn’t suck that had a big company that paid designers well to actually make the game good? That also involved the entire turtle verse? the company’s who put these games out need to put more thought in them as well especially if they’re small businesses. Lack of research for some of these themes are evident.


whats the deal with booster boxes only having 12 packs and only 5 cards per pack?

Mr. W Kobialka says:

No ban, no rotation. sticking by the product sounds good. if an issue arises, you can always restrict, restrict, restrict. No more than one copy, can’t have card A and card B in the same deck. They could be making a major mistake, OR its evil genius. He didn’t say it sucked, that’s a good start. Could one make a great deck just out of alpha cards when first released?

OutLaw Wars TCG says:

Very nice TCG like it very much

TheHobgoblyn says:

A card game that only has one set bragging that it doesn’t have a ban list or rotation seems rather shady to me. That’s going to be your main selling point before you have even reached a point where one would consider such things?
Tells me it is run by a fairly immature company and targeting burnt out players of other games.

bryce brown says:

Rudy do you have access or know where someone can find the starter decks for this game the website is sold out? thanks for any info. Love the channel.

Nicolas Lopez says:

hey I’m from fresno/clovis I played at Bullpen where this started and I know the kids too.

I’m 22 and my friend and I are avid players, my best friend has been making a card game for quite some years. this is awesome to see a card game from my area.

edebee2007 says:

Please tell us more about the olden days.

LifesAmazingJourney says:

Yeah Exodus is great, I had the pleasure of meeting them recently at Colossus Con, they’re really great and super friendly 🙂

Queeg says:

Seeing the Exodus tutorial I can see how no banlist and no rotation can work. All creatures are identical except for name and artwork. All energy (mana) are identical. That leaves only spells (symmetry cards) that have some additional effects on the game. Symmetry cards are all but that, the game is played in the same fashion as chess with maths and logic and symmetry cards break that completely, stomp it to the ground with swingy effects.

Bear says:

wow I’m impressed thank you for posting this

99% GAMER says:

I love mtg and I am 12 I always (since about 6-7) wanted to be a games designer and I have been inspired here to do that but in the card game industry. I think Exodus seems really cool from what I’ve seen and it looks like a game you have easily buy some packs and build a deck with it.

Jackaval says:

that rarity mechanic sounds awesome for a draft environment

is the game draft compatible?

are the sets made for draft or do you have to make a cube like yugioh?

GreyMessenger says:

Hey Rudy, you ever plan to make a video on Dead Card Games and which ones you have invested in the past?

moutazmizo87 says:

interesting new segment

Брайан р says:

Hey Rudy, just wondering where you were working that you didn’t believe you were surrounded by “good people”. I’ve been in finance for over a decade and I’ve met far better people and also fewer shady characters here than any other field I’ve been in (even non-profit animal shelter medicine). The vast majority of my finance colleagues are really nice, generous people. Most of them have academic backgrounds in physics, engineering, etc… then get an MBA and move over to finance. A lot of us have passed pretty rigorous exams through myriad different societies, which stress ethics a lot (CFA, CPA, FSA, etc…). Again, just curious since it seems that our experiences are polar opposites. 🙂

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