So You’re New to Trading Card Games?

This is everything you should know to get you started in the Trading Card Game Culture.
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Sin, The Empty One says:

I never got to learn or experience much of the TCG culture properly, so I just keep everything inside folders and my will to play TCGs has turned into collecting cards. I still have 13 years of collected cards from various TCGs mostly in a relatively untouched state (Unless I bought them from someone else.)

Spart Articus says:

why do playmats cost upwards of 20$ ?

maa sika says:

Im not new but i want more info

Corgi Carapace says:


Tom Yates says:

Penny sleeves for life. Use on everything including bookmarks and your cereal.

the camper127 says:

Not new but this still helped alot

explosive 2nd channel says:

2:48 I have this Box for 1 Dollar… 😀

nuvoclassic says:

I found this video after spending 2 days figuring out all the stuff you described in this video…going to my LGS tomorrow to buy some sleeves. I inherited my nephew’s Yu-Gi-Oh! deck  love reading the cards and bought more on ebay.

H B says:

3 decks 1 worth over 200 box draint in beer it took me 3 days till they were not sticky sleeving is very importaint

Jeremy Moore says:

Just found the channel, was watching this video and thought the avatar was a dino at first, like the character from Wander over yonder.

Loved the advise, and am sharing this video on my facebook.

Thank you!

Joshua Benson says:

I’m going to have to go to CM games pretty soon to get some ultra pro sleeves for the rest of my ultra rare Pokemon cards

Joshua Benson says:

I have a $27 Pokemon gold card that’s sleeved

Clegomanrun says:

Someone sold a black lotus for 1400x it’s weight in gold. Yes really.

Todd Huck says:

If I were to go back and start collecting cards again I would definitely watch this video

Spicy Kun says:

I need friends….to play other card games instead of pokemon

ippos_khloros says:

I abide by a different philosophy. Life is short, and the time we spend painstakingly preserving things (often at the expense of having fun) is wasted when we’re dust in the ground.

I’m sure that if I kept my childhood action figures in display cases instead of playing with them in the mud they might be worth some money today. (They certainly wouldn’t have so many missing limbs.) But would that have been worth it? Or was it better to have gotten to freely enjoy them at the time? I think the latter.

Sure, if you’re really serious about being competitive in the tournament circuit, or you’re paranoid that one of your cards will defy the odds and someday become a priceless collectors item, then be diligent about protecting your cardboard. But if you just want to have fun and live life, then go sleeveless and riffle shuffle to your heart’s content. I have plenty of “too worn to be tournament legal” Magic cards, and I enjoyed every moment of breaking them in over the years.

Another analogy: Are you buying comic books because you enjoy reading them? Or are you so overwhelmed with archiving them that you rarely get a chance to kick back and read one anymore? I’m not knocking the latter if you genuinely enjoy doing that sort of thing… but be aware of what you might be giving up, and make sure it’s worth it for you.

DeltaFlame Storm says:

it’s been almost a year now since I started playing Cardfight Vanguard

Amiel Peralta says:

I blew through my money just making a irl deck for YGO

JonJon Kay says:


10K Subs with no videos says:

*watches video* *remembers vanguard exists* oh yeah that exists

JusstzY says:

As a magic player. I can confirm that this is a great guide!

Doge Bro says:

Flip a pig bruh

Mr. NOOBZ_YT says:


97.dodge_punch says:

Absolutely hilarious

Negative Legend says:

Card sleeves have two sizes: Standard and Small. (YugiOh and Cardfight are small, most everything else is standard)
Also, Google what the “Reserved List” is. It kinda made card game history and is debated to this day.

A Commenter says:

I am not new I wasted my entire life on trading card games

Cullen Latham says:

meh, i think ill stick to virtual, where the computer does all the remembering and calculating and where i dont have to break my wallet to play a game ill have a hard time finding IRL people to play with.

Kasai Sutomufaiya says:


Luke Drinking from Alien Titty says:

3:38 I connect with that on an emotional level

lucky sky says:

I am a pro in pokemon a beginner in yu gi oh

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