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J, The Filthy Casual says:

0:55 they did Young Jedi As Well.

Jeremy A says:

Fun game, I played as a kid since my parents wouldn’t let me buy MTG cards.

I remember in the Dagobah set there were Jedi Training cards and if you passed them all with your Son of Skywalker(Luke) he’d smash anybody.

Bestinyourgirl says:

Star Wars, Star Trek and LOTR all had digital counterparts. Also, the company ran into management issues and the company hasn’t recovered since. Embellzzment crippled them. Disciper is WOTC future if they don’t get their shit together.

Patrick Dwyer says:

That was cool to relive an old tcg, glad it’s not dead may check it out again. Gratz on pulling the Vader!

Warlord MacIlvernock says:

My all time favorite card game! I miss playing it.

Technosvoices says:

I miss this game SO much! I still have a bunch of cards somewhere, including my last tournament decks. So much fun! RIP Decipher Star Wars CCG.

Amlith says:

lol that Darth Vader pull at the end made my day

shenysys says:

Jeremy, Will you be covering the X-Files TCG ?

Christopher Friedman says:

I have the Highlander CCG. I don’t know if anyone played it.

Matthew Morgan says:

So many cool old CCGs you could cover…Shadowfist, Heresy, and Rage were all neat games. Then there were ones that just didn’t catch on because of poor design or shoddy quality or plain old bad luck, like Aliens vs Predator, Killer Instinct, and Babylon 5.

xxnwoxx0 says:

I stopped collecting after I obtained the full degobah set. How many did they release after that? Looks like I missed out on the chance of getting foils

Dragoon110 says:

Watching this is bringing back some memories.

Curtis Wilkinson says:

This was sad this was the 2nd highest played tcg then third after pokemom but it held that 3 spot till it died

Leex says:

you rock!!!! dont stop making vids. we love you, so, keep on going!!!

james staggs says:

I wish this game could have kept going. Really loved this thing. Only problem is they’ve got limited material since they can’t just make up totally new characters and ships. Still got most of my cards except for my dark side Star Destroyer deck.

MrHusang23 says:

I have some cards from my childhood, never played them, just liked collecting. I wonder if they worth anything?

JimmyStiffFingers says:

Looking snazzy, my man.

Jamie Vaughan says:

I loved this game so much, for my light-side deck I played Echo Base Operations and used this amazing combo of the Hoth Shield rules, an Artillery Remote, a blaster cannon and a power droid, so I could take shots at my opponents dudes during my control phase as they tried to get under the shield and root me out, it was awesome. As a young teenager, it was the first time I realised a solid strategy is a million times better than just putting together a deck of your favourite cards. I stopped playing SW:CCG when some asshole stole my decks, though.

RazrilTakada says:

Man I loved that game, We had a pretty big group in my home town that played. In fact our group played easily over 50 diffrent TCGs over the years

Mike Faix says:

Glad I found your channel! You mentioned we can get some of those cards from you. How? I miss these cards! Had a ton of them back in the 90s but lost them all & all my figures a few years back. Long sad story.

xxxvulturexxx says:

My favorite CCG… just the best game mechanics in a card game.

Greg Lockton says:

Thanks for opening this my dude! I have a massive collection of SW:CCG and its still my favourite CCG to this day.

Mitchell Boyd says:

I remember when I got a free pack of this for getting a urzas legacy pack from my old local game store kk’s comics in Pleasanton obviously had to just give them away no value 🙂 same place I found a candelabra and chains of Mephistopheles best mtg investment I ever made cause they both went up for like 300% profit

Draw 3 says:

Would love to see a review of “Rage” TCG. Always thought that game was fun.

Cavemantero says:

Its about time to take the comics route and start developing a crowdfunding game to compete with Blahgic the SJWing.

Jeff Bartlett says:

I’ve got about a million of these in storage

IceWarm says:

I loved this game. I remember cracking so many packs to get the Darth Vader card.

Chris Perciavalle says:

Jyhad? The store I buy my retro games at randomly got a bunch of sealed jyhad packs. Might be cool to see more about it. Was a WOTC game I think.

fadetoblack0304 says:

hate to bust your bubble but that isnt the first set that is not are alpha. you need premiere limited there black bourder you got unlimited resealed box

RBT says:

Jyhad/whatever name it goes by now would be a good one. Like The Star Wars CCG it still has a very active and loyal fanbase. The game is a lot of fun to play as well.

A personaly favorite is Illuminati: New World Order by Steve Jackson games. That one is also a ton of fun but you have to have the right people to play it with. It is also primed for a comeback as well given its satirical take on politics, celebrities and the like. I would love for some dev to release an online version where the computer crunches all the bonuses and minuses for you.

dariustad says:

It should be noted that the original Premiere release was black bordered. The white bordered reprints came out over a year after, mostly to support the game/tournament play for the “A New Hope” and “Hoth” releases. They are still just as much fun to open!

alex pagle says:

Original set was actually black bordered. This would be the equivalent to Unlimited or Revised for MTG. Still.really nice to see a game that was a big part of my late teens and early adulthood. Would love to see something on Highlander, Doom Trooper, 7th Sea, Warlord, and a dual L5R special to celebrate the old CCG that went under after a 20 year run? was aquired by FFG, and

Ian Chase says:

Magi-Nation is easily my favorite CCG that died a sad and lonely death due to the owners mismanaging the company. It had 5 sets of cards, and a videogame on the gameboy. After the franchise’s death, it was resurrected a few years later by a Canadian company who acquired the rights and decided to make an animated series based on the IP, although this animated series is WILDLY different from the original card and videogame.

Mechanically it creates a very interesting niche, having a focus on powerful ‘magi’ characters you build a deck around ala Commander (although it did this almost a decade before Commander started to be played in MtG). In terms of complexity it falls somewhere between Pokemon and MtG, with more streamlined and easy to understand rules than MtG and a greater depth of mechanical interactions than Pokemon. It also completely removed the concept of ‘resource cards’ from the deckbuilding by having a combined ‘energy/life’ system where players used their life to cast spells and summon creatures; you could never get ‘mana screwed’ in the game, your resources for casting spells was always reliable based on your choice of character.

Since it died a very sudden and ungraceful death immediately after releasing its final expansion, there used to be a great many booster boxes floating around, even to this day there are a few old boxes floating around for relatively cheap prices.

Ranga Reviews says:

Wrong 0:30 premiere limited is black border (Alpha) , premiere unlimited is white boarded (Unlimited) which you have.

UnsleevedMedia says:

One of the most nostalgic things a gamer can do is look back at old games. Let’s take a journey over the next few weeks and do just that! If You want MORE dead TCG’s please LIKE the video and if I could ask a small favor, pop on over to twitter and share this tweet with your friends!

Justin Enright says:

Please please please do a Spellfire dead games segment. My friends and I were huge D&D nerds, so we played that game until we got tired of the constant rules arguements. That’s when I converted them to MTG. However, the D&D lore in Spellfire was awesome. Wish they’d do a MTG: Forgotten Realms. Elminster would be the coolest planeswalker ever.

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