TCG Product Review – Dex Protection Deck Boxes

Andrew Mahone unboxes and reviews Dex Protection proline and supreme deck boxes for storing and collecting trading cards in this TCG product review video. These boxes are great for storing Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Super, Yugioh cards and more.

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tarot nerd says:


TheKodyhawk254 says:

I had one of the single deck box like your pink one. Loved it it lasted for a couple years and I want to buy another one when I can.

ElectricVibez HD says:

Also love the lengthy content of your videos. Best content on YT right now

John DiLoreto says:

Excellent! I’ve heard great things about their sleeves as well, maybe you should try those sometime too! Dex Protection is a great company

Alana Watanabe says:

I love Dex Protection!

MrDillDozzzer says:

Just bought 3 of those supreme one row boxes! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been on the search for something like this for awhile.

TheGame says:

I am Groot

Masters in Training Pokemon TCG says:

Azul Deck Analysis + Match-up discussions

Lego Ninja SN says:


Nicholas Charon says:

Maybe a dumb question but can all the cards be in sleeves and still fit nice like that in the long sone and croc one?

Jonathan navarro suarez says:

I’m your fan dude, excelent videos

Chackachub4267 TV says:

4th hey andrew I love ur vids

Cynric Chua says:

Legend say andrew will pin this comment

KirktonGirl Gaming says:

Could you do a video of your collection, like the deck box you use, sleeves, dice, binder and just stuff u take to tournaments

The ReuniclusRadeo says:

can the first box hold a play mat

Matt Millers says:

I found out about Dex protects through Trainer TV and have wanted to get one of their pro line boxes ever since.
Thanks for this review to reinforce mu need for one.
Lets hope Danta thinks I’ve been good………….

Number Six says:

3:00 Nah, keep that in there as long as you can. Keeps your cards nice and dry.

JustArctic says:

I really like the ultimate guard flip n trays. They are my favorite deck box that I own. They are kinda like the pro line deck box that you showed off, but vertical.

ElectricVibez HD says:

Are you going to Australia for internationals

Andersen cards and collecting says:


Eeveelutions8 says:

Nice review again very cool.

Jr Craynos says:

This is so exciting

[NOVA] Ryan Ferry says:

Andrew, The “canvassy” one is made with a texturing style known as Saffiano, which can be put on both leather and synthetics, and is super popular on purses and wallets. I’ve been using one of Dex’s Dualist boxes for two years and I love It! Basically, it’s a beefed up Worlds box. I’m a huge fan of Dex Protection’s products, and just picked up some of their sleeves that I can’t wait to try out!

Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

This review is an honest review and is no way sponsored by Dex Protection. All opinions expressed in the review are Andrew Mahone’s opinions.

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