TCG Product Review – Monster Protectors Binders

Andrew Mahone reviews Monster Protectors brand Binders for storing, protecting and showcasing your favorite trading card game collections!

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Jamesta James says:

You should title this as not sponsored if it’s not sponsored; because people like honest reviews more than bought out ads for a youtube channel.

Jasoro7 Gaming says:

So other than the monster binders what are some others do you recommend?

Poke Collectors says:

Happy birthday Andrew

Zachcscot omar says:

Hi deriums!.

Talia says:

Third of fourth

vyzual says:

God I just hate that logo so much

MikeMcBob23 says:

What’s the max number of cards you can put in a sleeve? Can I put 4 cards in it?

Mystic / says:


tarot nerd says:


cochiselol1232 says:

Do you ever talk to the kids you teach about Pokémon TCG?

Claire Skinner says:

guys, go to Chiuahualover111 and check it out. Maybe subscribe.

John DiLoreto says:

Both you and the Professor uploaded a binder video today, that’s funny. Great video so far though

Bobby 101 says:

Amazing binder and videos

Weeby Whimsicott says:

The Binder looks fine, but I hate the scratchy scale thing >.>

Matt Gregg says:

Nice binder, prefer the look of the mattes


Andrew! Show your cards collection!! And please a tutorial of how to shuffle!

Benj Cooper says:


Benj Cooper says:

Well done jonothan wei

cumbycrash337 says:

Hi Derium. I have been watching your channel for a while and like your content. I have a question for you. I had been in Yu-gi-oh! for years, but recently got back into Pokemon to diversify my TCGPlayer vending store. I was wondering what happened to the Bulk market? I remember around July you used to run a promotion of 1 box = 1400 cards. However, around October, people stopped buying bulk, including your store. Another question would be do you know when the bulk market will rebound?

Fabian Montanez says:

Are the sleeves he mentions std Pro Matte sleeves that happen to be clear, or are they a specific sleeve since he mentioned they were perfect fit

Jonathan Wei says:


Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

Just as an FYI, none of my reviews are sponsored, these are my honest opinions on the products that I use every day!

Jasoro7 Gaming says:

Btw Happy birthday Andrew… or early birthday…. or belated birthday lol


I use the premium collectors UP Binder and I think is great!

Gabe Eitzmann says:

Where do you buy these?

dani oz says:

Even before watching this i can say, its not worth it getting them. They fall apart quite quickly

ElectricVibez HD says:

You make the best content on YT right now. Keep up the good work

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