Teen Titans Trading Cards Review

It’s been a while since my last video hasn’t it? Well I found these cards the other day at a comic store and thought I should review them. Even if they are poorly made. Just try to guess what trading cards I found that’s even lamer than this. I think this’ll be my last Titans video for a while. I feel like expanding into movies and comics soon. I’ll come back to reviewing Titans when I feel like it, maybe a month or so.


AlexTheMenace says:

And nearly 6 years later we see those cards again in his room.

Austin Trench says:


Mighty Raccoon says:

Pan Pizza’s room tour brought me here.

Judy Hopps says:

I am a massive fan of the show. I also concur with you. This game looks pants :-/

AIDENM 369 says:

was that footage of chrischan in a ash costume

haru frost says:

I’m a yugioh player

joshua gibson says:

Zatch bell cards

sara MacDonald says:


cody86321 says:

I had some of these at one point.

Pat Smith says:

WTF is a “flooshplork”?!

Angelxp 1 says:

I did the same thing in grade school

blondepiratesarecool says:

Holy shit, I remember those! I got a couple packs of them from my parents in a carepackage when I was at camp. Ahh, those were the days…

Rainbow Hadouken says:

Yess i remember that and yes i do that 

Ueda Yuuji Fan says:

Actually, Pokémon Cards are still quite popular.

Sam says:

Has he done a review on the shitty trading cards he talked about in this video?

Moved Accounts says:

I’m horrible influence too, sometimes.

NukaCloud says:

i had all of them…….I’m ashamed somewhat…..

David Johnston says:

I’ll bet you’re going to say Ben 10 Trading cards.

Henry Olejarczyk says:

AR the most crappy thing of elementary. No longer required but strongly encouraged. My ass

Laytho2 says:


milky says:

We were supposed to get 100 points..

purple fox1998 says:

i reminder that . But i tuck mine in elementary school .

Cody Murphy says:

Shout out to Toonami Blackhole Megamix. Nice music choices!

warhol says:

He sounds cute

Oliver Clozov says:

Xiaolin Showdown cards?

Kurt Adams says:

why is the rebel taxi animated character so god awful looking
and why are so many of his videos so damn short , procrastinator or not , he’s a lazy crumb bum —– no wonder cartoon network keeps rejecting him

Dylan Erb says:

is it MLP cards i hate MLP and there is a game for it

soisyourface1234 says:

Tale of Despereaux the trading cards.

popman1997 says:

Dr. Light got raped 

Astolf-HOLE says:

How many of you are just binging on vintage pan pizza reviews?

Erik Ravenclaw says:

oh wow i thought i was the only one that ever bought the cards XD

Jugboy says:

0:34 Oh god………Chris………why?

littlecyber h says:


Arlz Channel says:

Raven is the best

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