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Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon says:

This is great for new players to start off

Brandon Mcdonald says:

The shameless plugs at the beginning of the videos always skip to 2 minutes in

Windson Ma says:

I look forward for you to be the First or at least one of the Firsts to do a Speed Dual, Dual Video.

Shadow Crescent says:

I know you cant use Skills in the actual game, but if you want to do it, can you use those skills in the full TCG game for fun like a sort of custom match.

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

I got both of them and enjoyed playing with the 6 decks.

Yo Oswaldo says:

Do the non-skill common cards in this product have the Speed Duel logo on them?

Ryan Tremper says:

They have six samurai in duel links so I’m hoping they do some speed duel six samurai packs or a box

ThatOne RandoDude says:

I could be wrong about this but I think that the promo cards relate to the characters the decks are based on. Here’s how I think it goes.

Yami Yugi: Shard Of Greed.

Pegasus: Mimicat

Izhizu: The Golden Apples.

For the others.

Mai: Amazoness Village

Joey: Champion’s vigilance.

Kaiba: Fusion Gate.

Again could be wrong but these are my best guesses with Mimicat and Village being obvious and the others not so much to me. Also to all the haters in the rest of the comments complaining how everything is broken or will be broken you’re part of the problem my dudes.

VRAiLV2 says:

Hey teamsam new banlist came out. Sky strike didn’t get hit

Daffa Adhiyaksa says:


Dr Smirk says:

This is basically Duel links on paper lol

Logan Hudnall says:

ban list dropped

YourAverage9yearold says:

Do a 3x Speed Duel deck profile for every deck pls

Joseph Tate says:

My understanding is you can use speed duel cards in TCG but yiu cant use TCG cards in Speed Duels but I might be wrong

Ryan Tremper says:

This game also brings the characters into the game by choosing the skill you like most and using that character, cool beans………

Gh0sT 07 says:

Do a duel video with it, yes!

Marco Soto says:

Just wait for the fur hire meta

Brenden Owen says:

DUDE…this is so cool regular TCG format is so fast and its not any fun unless u spend at least 200 dollars on a deck that most of the core is gonna get banned and its a waste of money this should like the new format bc this game was suposed to be a childrens card and now its like a really competitive game and it cost alot of money its full of a bunch of sweaty try hards and should be fun so i think this is right step in the right direction konomi plz dont scew it up like u almost always do but u prob will but all we can do is pray

Andre Luiz says:


Brave V-Decker says:

Can you modify the decks so long as you use Speed Duel product cards? Or are you supposed to use the decks as they come?

Gabriel Adams says:

Please do a duel video

Andrewr1204 says:

The skill cards look like crap. I hope standard dueling will still be around

HCDLbladers says:

I laughed when you tried to impersonate Joey!!! xD

Michael Anzulavich says:


Nico Rodriguez says:

The banlist is out.

F. Feyzzey says:

It’s time to D-D-D-D-D-Duel. Yugi we already finished our speed duel!

darkmoon24 says:

time to get 3 Pegasus deck ;p

danny cintron says:

I would like to see team Sam dueling with this decks.

David Riley says:

Yo bro the banlist just dropped

Logan Hudnall says:

and forgot, u should do a duel with the speed duel decks

Rafael Cabrales says:

Make a deck Profile for speed duel deck like one for toons monster or a blue eye whit dragon deck for your vidoe and more another to TeamSamuraiX1

Ryan Wang says:

Oh yeah yeah

sargentrowell81 says:

You can use the Speed Duel cards in the TCG format, but not the other way around. 100% do a duel with these, and then maximize the potential of each deck.

Gilbert Christian says:

Sam check the brand new banlist

[Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games] says:

gravekeeper deck didnt come with Necrovalley…wtf?

John Paul Ong says:

Thank you Sam for this. Is it officially released in all card shops?

Brenden Owen says:

Plz make a more in depth video abput this it would be amazing

Daniel Sorrow says:

Wait im a couple mins in but i wanna ask. Theyre introducing a new way to play again? Or these are just new cards..

Israel Rodriguez says:

Soul charge got banned btw

Alix roberts says:

12:25 Wth

69justincredible69 says:

I love duel links! Would love to see you make decks and even duel in the new speed duel format!

Emil Borchert says:

You can use Speed Duel cards in the standard TCG, you just can’t use standard cards in Speed Duels.

Paradise Team says:

New Banlist Sam!

Muntashir Hossain says:

I felt like he was gonna say burdface again after the 2nd one

daniel lopez says:

Speed duels more like duel links in real life

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