The Problem With Card Game Anime

Anime about Trading Card Games like yugioh are never really about Trading Card Games, and that sucks, because I like Card Games. Oh no. the phrase “card games” has lost all meaning.
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mauriel bongcawel says:

magic the gathering i mainly play commander and modern

That Boy Roach says:

Whats the best card game anime for me to watch? seen Chaotic and the first 3 seasons of yugioh, tried zexal but nah.

Gabriel Alix says:

future card buddyfight, draco wizards deck lol

ascvb3 says:

I think shokugeki no soma’s central arc is going to act as the set up for Soma going up against the elite 10. Mostly, Soma has relied on enemy pride alone to get his opponents to duel him. This is problematic as nobody is actually under any obligation to duel him. This battle for control over the school might give good set up for more interesting ways for soma to strong-arm people into shokugekis, adding more flavor to the story outside of the cooking.

tay deuze says:

Force of will, love the art and how each deck has a different mechanic and controlle sherazade because, well lets just say having 5 spells at your disposal at any moment of the game, most of them build to counter other decks, is quiet useful

Pixel says:

hehe…who has the most cards on board wins…remember when exciton knight was around? Or this thing called Sphere mode…or struggling battle?

Abel Binyam says:

My card game is card wars kingdom my deck is Nefertiti bog witch cool dog and i forgot the last ones name

Flame King says:

And Vanguard is back thx to the reboot. Restored to its former glory

Marcus Bergström says:

The original Yu Gi Oh Anime is a perfect example of terrible advertisement. Because the characters are terrible at the game. And play decks that are just god awful.

No one can win anything with the decks they play. But somehow they still do.

GX and even more so 5D did a far better job of making believable and truly powerful decks.
Zanes Cyberdragon deck reigned supreme for several years.

the doctor says:

I play yugioh
Trying to make a mekk knight deck

Andrés Prochnik says:

I bult a Magic the gathering deck around Ninjas. These creatures can be easily summoned if your opponet leaves an attacking creature unblocked, and also have an effect when damaging your opponet. Usually decks like this run unblockable creatures, but I choose to play something more interesting.

There are creatures with an effect called “Deathtouch”. This effect allows them to destroy any blocking creature by dealing just 1 point of damage. So you can take out strong creatures with a weak one. But that left an easy solution for my opponent: Just block whatever is attacking, that’s when I choose to add cards that are more powerful if a creature dies that turn.

This creates a gambling situation when I declare an attack: What’s the worse scenario? Blocking or Not blocking?

Not the most competitive, nor effective strategy, but certainly a fun one to play with.

Aereon says:


WarriorofChaos20 says:

I played a warrior deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. I recently tried playing at my FLGS and the current meta is freaking ridiculous. I personally hate the idea of a meta because as some have pointed out, 95% of people use the same 3 decks to end the game in 3 turns. For me, it really wasn’t fun to play this style. I loved the back and forth of the game before synchro was a thing and I feel like pendulum and link have just killed a game I used to love.

Syed Shamiun says:

See of chess and shogi and go animes can be good card game animes can be good

Kelsie Cash says:

I still dont know how to play Vangard. That is why as a kid i played Yugioh

INeedToSleep says:

Really hype for Cardfight Vanguard 2018!

Cloe Gemmel says:

It isn’t a TCG, but I once played an indie board/card game called ‘Killer Bunnies’, and made a play that wiped out all the attack cards of the other six players at once. It was pretty glorious

Florance Sweetcrest says:

So that’s why I suck at hearthstone!

Jessica Villar says:

You want something like first season of BeyBleade then. I get your point because it happen something similar with videogames. i see a lot of “we travel to videogame world” or “gamer talent now is a must in real life”, but I will like a anime that show the simple happiness of playing and the main character being a regular person. In recent days the Disney Show SVTFOE show a classic episode of” a person hiding from the world being sad and just wanted to see a TV show”, but the twist was that the lessons the person learn from the TV show help her to overcome her own personal situation, instead of the classic “aah, this crap is absorbing my life and is part of the problem”. I want a similar aproach with videogames or work the concep with tv shows in a deeper way, but as like with card games the creators preffer focus in the flashy parts.

Cloe Gemmel says:

What would be an interesting concept is a show that has a regular, grounded-in-reality TCG, but the main character, while versing other people imagines the battle as if its in a massive fantasy TCG. Kind of like the exam confrontations in Assassination Classroom

Roman Kurbanov says:

Kaiji was pretty good TCG anime

puhfrugherter says:

I used to play Yugioh with an Xyz train deck.
I was playing since the beginning and remember being blown away by fusions in GX.
But then as they added synchros, xyz and pendulums, the power creep started to show and I couldn’t win by updating my favourite deck anymore.
Now if I wanted to stay viable I had to completely rebuild my deck with every new expansion released because Konami is artificially inflating the power creep to force people to buy new cards.
So I quit.

Dan-kun donut says:

i actually care about this type of anime

Noxerium T says:

You are not alone. I loved the first two seasons of cardfight vanguard for those reasons. Though I much more liked the strategy of the Pale Moon Circus. I also enjoyed how often the main characters lost it made it seem like there was actual stakes to the fight. A shame that it’s fallen so far but that’s why I only watch the first ones. Here’s hoping that magic can be captured again.

Scary Art says:

That also happened when Weevil put Parasite Paracite in Joey ‘s deck

Noah Reed says:

Magic the gathering for the social aspects and crazy strategic aspects of draft and my personal favorite deck is gb excavator gitrog value lands that just lets you play tons of lands from your graveyard and from your hand and blow out land bases from more expensive decks while drawing cards and comboing off out of absolutely nowhere

Josh Greening says:

Heel Turn moment? you watch wrestling too? lol

Densoro says:

Idk, I think meta-focused TCGs would be ripe for that…dumb anime thing where you punch someone in the throat and spend five minutes explaining why your special ability will make their spleen explode. I don’t see the tension in a battle where one person just keeps playing ‘draw more cards’ cards until they land an insta-win.

Granted I think most high-level meta is boring and reductive in the same way. ‘Winning before the game begins’ just means that the game itself was unimportant, and only the before and after matter. I prefer the middle.

MetallicD3ath says:

I was thinking “that sounds cool” while watching this, actually – you should write it xD

Your point about watching someone set up an archetypal deck which caused you to want to build that deck and play with it sounds really interesting though. I’m not sure how you’d make setting up a deck look interesting in the first place, so I might need to watch a little Cardfight Vanguard myself.

JayC says:

Thats one reason why Wixoss was shit. You literally know nothing about the card game, and its just why even watch the card game happen. Other reason being the character drama is dumb.

Bryon Youngblood says:

A lot of what you’re saying is something I am working on for a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic I’m working on which focuses on it just the characters but their Decks and such with a slight real world approach to things

Jordan Cambridge says:

don’t forget fighting foodons

Synthesis Strategies says:

I mean the original Vanguard anime didn’t do that bad with the fun in tcg

Boredfan Gerrude says:

Chaotic was a great card game anime though it did go downhill.

André says:

0:01 – Anime??????

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