This Is How You Ruin a Fun Time: Tim Burton’s NBX Trading Card Game

After opening over 2,500 cards, Always Board Never Boring discusses how stupid the card distribution was for the old Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Card Game. He also fails at mental arithmetic.

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pokemonix 69 says:


grizzgo says:

I had much better luck with two booster boxes. I am only missing Sally Ultra Rare, I am Pumpkin King and Christmas Casket. (No duplicated ultra rares) The most frustrating part for me was getting TWO duplicate starting location in same pack.

Retro-Matic Gamer says:

Collecting CCGs is expensive. Also in the news: water is wet.
Seriously, if you think this is so terrible, you’re in for a shock if you ever play Yu-Gi-Oh. Super-rares are roughly one in 6 packs, Ultra-Rares one in 12, and Secret Rares (2 in each set) are one per booster box, IF YOU’RE LUCKY. Or, how about Dice Masters? Super-Rares are usually 2 per booster box, with 4 per set… this is just the standard with modern TCGs, and if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t keep doing it that way.

Poor Cart says:

are you familiar with this? theres a nightmare before Christmas set.

pbrown7501 says:

… Yeah, and? That’s how TCG’s work. If you want full sets of something, you’re looking for a “living card game” or a boxed card game.

Complaining that a dead TCG had a distribution model more ambitious than its IP’s appeal could support is like complaining that pigs don’t have wings.

Hiro Plays Games says:

The distribution model for pretty much any TCG sucks if you’re trying to complete a set, I agree. But–as another person pointed out (not very politely)–the problem isn’t worse for this particular game than most others. Mythic rares in Magic: the Gathering are in roughly one in eight booster packs. That’s why I’m building a peasant cube (a small, curated set of cheap common and uncommon cards that can be assembled into faux boosters for drafting purposes). I’m going a step further, and not using any cards that came out after the ~2003 redesign; that way the pool of potential cards is set in stone and we won’t be tempted to invest in any of the new sets.

Now, about the NBX game in particular: there is indeed a Christmas Town expansion, and from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem to have been playtested very thoroughly. Apparently there are interactions with cards from the original set that can introduce game-breaking combos. I’ve held off on ordering the expansion for that reason, although I did just spring for a 6-box case of the original set and all four starter decks… partially based on your review. My wife is a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan, so I think we’ll have a blast playing it. And if we do love it enough, maybe I will splurge on the expansion. It can be had slightly cheaper than the original set, after all!

Ash says:

I went through the same pain trying to get them all too, luckily the crates are really cheap now!

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