Top 4 Best Storage and Transport Cases For Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Trading Card Games

Want to see my top picks for deck boxes, card sleeves, and portfolios? Check out those videos here:
Top 4 Best Deck Boxes:
Top Sleeves:
Top 3 Best Portfolios:

Watch the detailed review for each of these MTG cases by following the links below:

KMC Card Barrier Box:
Dex Protection Game Chest:
Pirate Labs Case:
Ultimate Guard Arkhive:

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Madveek says:

Hi Prof, thanks for the video. Will you ever do a top 5 worst products you’ve reviewed?

Jim Adams says:

I tried to look for the KMC Card Barrier box but i cant find one thats $14.99. DO you have a link that has this box at this price or what webside i should use to find the item?

Tolarian Community College says:

For those curious, I did not include the Stanely Toolkit or Amazon Basics backpack because those are ‘Everyday Items’ that can be used for MTG, and this video is meant to look at actual products built for the game. If you’d like to see that review, it can be found here:

Darth Vincenitus says:

I love the Ark Hive, but I use the Super Hive. Holds 5 or 6 Boulders (depending on 80+ or 100+) 2 playmats and a dice compartment. It has the same magnet closure.

Brian Tarbill says:

Based on your recommendations, I bought the PirateLabs case earlier this year, and I love it.

Jonathan Hecht says:

I actually for quite some time been using the deep compartment stanley toolbox from the video “products not designed for magic that are good for it” and let me tell you, while i have more than 12 commanders, being able to come to my lgs with this thing and have my friends keep lend different commanders of mine for each game is very fun. I have been officialy been annonced as the store’s “commander dealer”

Acediam says:

I hope you get Katana sleeves soon. I really want a review so bad lol

Lucifer Quast says:

I took your advice and spent over $100 on singles for commander at my lgs and I regret not ordering from card kingdom so badly

Nash The Wolf says:

great vid as always, prof! Have you gotten your hands on Ultimate guard’s new “katana” sleeves by the way? would love to hear your opinion

darthmikda says:

ahh it was too early before Dragon Shield Magic Carpet…. (fingers crossed)

Adam Mohammed says:

I use the kmc 1000’s for my 10+ edh decks.

Bill Carroll says:

But a professor shouldn’t play favorites right? :p

Nathan Paul says:

Hey Prof is it possible to review the backpack that SCG has put out and markets during their live coverage? I’ve always wanted a good backpack that is designed with magic in mind and i would like to know if you think its a good product. Thanks and love these product review vids!

Dane Erickson says:

I love the KMC. I have three. One holds my pauper cube, one holds my unstable set cube, and one holds my eight budget ‘gauntlet’ commander decks. I’m considering dropping the commander decks box to 6-7 so it can fit dice and tokens for all of them, which don’t fit with 8 decks in dragon shields (but actually because I want to upgrade a couple of those budget decks).

Troels Jessen says:

What about for containing your collection of Commons and uncommons organized by color and name?

Create Channel says:

I won an arkhive at a charity event a year ago and I’ve beaten that thing hard! Still in great shape (easy way to have multiple decks to go)

T. Blade says:

Damm you Professor. You are really tempting me to go back playing magic…

I love your videos and I don`t even play anymore…

Donovan Long says:

Lol I’d rather just throw stuff in my backpack and pull it out when I need it

TheRealQwade says:

I’m looking for a single carrying case that will hold all 10 of the Guild Kit deckboxes when the last 5 eventually get released for a massive 10-deck battle box. Will the KMC Card Barrier box work for that? I wasn’t sure exactly how all the boxes would fit given that the dividers can’t be moved (and I’m concerned about the size of the deck boxes fitting in the first place).

Crispy says:

Buy a combination safe to put your deck in for quick and easy transportation

SacredCharizard says:

Just a quick note on Ultimate Guard products. If your double sleeved commander deck is completely foiled or has painted cards, it will not fit in an Ultimate Guard deck box. Foil cards are ever so slightly thicker than normal cards. I creased a foil Burgeoning and a foil Dissension Ghost Quarter trying to fit my all foil, double sleeved commander deck into a flipn tray. Boulders use the same dimensions.

Ian Christainson says:

I’ve own almost every box in the ultimate guard line-up and the archive is the most cost effective trustworthy product they offer.

Untamed NoaD says:

As a new player to MTG, I always look forward to these videos 🙂 thanks prof

Victor Privat says:


nusiel says:

You forgot the best one, old shoe box;)

Bryan Lariviere says:

Who here uses the Stanley toolbox?

SPE ER says:

fucking love this channel

Nicky B says:

Thank you “Tolarian Community College” for another great product review video… Grade, A+! :p
Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to make such great content for MTG. This is a new-ish hobby for me & it is quickly taking over my life :p. As more sets are released & my collection grows (I started collecting during Amonkhet) storage & space can quickly become an issue for me. I would love to hear your suggestions & ideas for mass card storage options at home… Maybe even a video, a guided tour of how you sort, organise & store your own personal collection. That would be a great insight. 🙂
Anyhoo, thanks again & have a very merry Christmas! 😀

64bitrobot says:

I gotta admit, as someone who owns half a dozen EDH decks, the Dex Protection Game Chest looks great,

Jacob Shawver says:

I kinda like the new intro! It looks clean.

Ryan Sargent says:

I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these videos. They are a valuable resource for someone who wants a great product but doesn’t have the money to test everything out themselves.

Gramou says:

Always confident in your reviews and never regret it

refresh daemon says:

These are all quite nice, but I’m still plenty content using my inexpensive cardboard card boxes for storage and transport. That they’re inexpensive is important because I’ve got a ton of cards (and cubes) that need storage and sorting, but they’re also easy to label, so I know what’s in each box from just glancing at its side. And they don’t open or spill easily. While durability is theoretically limited, I’ve never experienced one of these boxes getting damaged beyond use yet from regular transport, so I see little reason to pay more for a fancy box.

RobTheQuiet says:

Just so others know: the KMC box is not the same as those cheap Plano Boxes you can find at big retailers. The Plano boxes can not fit sleeved cards in them. I wish I know that before I bought six of them. Buy the KMC one instead.

Kevin O Malley says:


gamer1000% says:

What happened to the “Report card” on your site? (It doesn’t get updated anymore)

Jordan Sams says:

None of these can hold a candle to the Stanely small parts organizer. I use those for my commander decks, and i even have 2 of them.

Cal Holden says:

I was just thinking about rewatching the storage vids yesterday as I need more room. Awesome coincidence this is uploaded a day later! Thanks prof

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