Transformers TCG – Autobots vs Decepticons

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast for making this possible! Learn more about the Transformers TCG here:

Transformers TCG! Watch Ben and Tom open up some Transformers TCG packs and learn how to play this cool trading card game. Who will come out on top, Ben’s evil Decepticons or Tom’s brave Autobots?

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BrO'Neill says:

Tom’s first attack should have been 9 -1 for armour but Ben put 9 on instead of 8 then didn’t realise when healing it and put it to 8. I am I correct that was wrong?

Giomillsy says:

I’m going to go watch the old cartoons again. Oh boy I loved those back in the day

deanofcool says:

Hope they revisit this.

DrBStechlich says:

why are those cards so big? haha

Derp_wolf says:

Honestly as a 16 year old kid I totally agree that was a strong as scene. Great movie og transformers

Endergamez says:

I cant seem to find the 2 player starter set anywhere online

Dominic Cantone says:

Ok, FINE. I’ll buy the damn packs. This video sold me so damn hard.

BriefcaseCat says:

So I’ve been playing this game for the past 2 weeks and I can say that it is very fun. Playing this at my local community Card game shop, I have been getting together with other people to play this and talking about deck combinations. Definitely worth getting into.

Sir Gwan says:

I kinda want an animated version of Tom and Ben’s imaginary Transformers episode

Eddygeek18 says:

have always loved transformers since i was a kid but this looks kinda shit.

Bouphe's Number 1 Fan says:


Lucas Martin says:

loving the card games here anf on lewis and ben

SmashedHatProject says:

You’ve got the touch!

Gummy Bread says:

Oh my goodness, was that a quick edit into a clip of something thats being refrenced in conversation so the viewers can see what is being talked about in a humorous way? Did Josh break free from his editing dungeon for a split second before the angory whip cracked?

Che Bor says:

Plz do more!!

Jarrod F says:

I liked the old format better 🙁

Kermit The ultimate Memer says:

You got the touch in the background soooo gooood

Jyquin says:

My favorite origin story for the dinobots is from Transformers: Cybertron. Where the dinobots are native to a jungle planet, with no affiliation with Earth, along with beastbots, and Optimus Prime ended up getting a gorilla transformation.
Fun fact this series also had a story arc where Megatron died and came back as a ghost that couldn’t be hurt by anyone and gets the abilities to dissolve cybertronians by touching them and reforming them into upgraded versions of themselves.

Notaro says:

Me grimlock sad.

The sophistichimp says:

Would love to see more of this!

Andrew Stalker says:

So I’ve just spent the last hour or so on the Transformers wiki, and one thing I can say for certain is: Transformers lore is WAY too damn complicated.

Infectum13 says:

cool game!

kloaf says:

While this and the star wars game that is similar I’m not really a fan of. More rng than normal tcgs. But with Tom and Ben. Plus a few other yogs I will watch more lol.

Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson says:

Ill rip out your optics!

Vega Clemons says:

More bots just seems better in this game, having a whole extra attack phase seems too good.

Overlord says:

I dont think the one called slug used to be slag i thing sluge used to be slag the bracio no one eve remembers him

Avid Writer says:

It’s crazy how card games and board games are coming back so strong.

Wing Dagger says:

I didn’t realize how much of a G1 fan Ben is.

WolfenBluestone says:

You guys should play Heroclix! Dc, marvel, tmnt, power rangers, lord of the rings, and soon wwe and dbz.. and theres a lot more im sure. but i would love to watch you guys play it.

xSuperiorManx says:

The Autobots wanted to create the Dinbobots as close to the Dinosaurs as possible. Meaning: make them very strong, but also with tiny brains / rather stupid.

NorwegianSuperSheep says:

Damn it. Now I want to watch the movies

Ross McDowall says:

Shouldn’t Ben choose to go to 2nd since he only has 2 guys

asdfjkl says:

these guys playing yugioh would be fucking fantastic. i feel like tom would really get into a rank 10 train deck

philly Philz says:

Another round?

Peter Negan says:

autobots are evil!

Michael Simao says:

They have a bumblebee movie coming out

The Bigfatsoman says:

Would watch this again

IceFire2050 says:

Grimlock is a gay robot. He’s got a Junkion boyfriend.

Sean Whelan says:

Be sure to follow the game on reddit:

and join the fb discussion page:

themightysven says:

Today I learned that, in England, Slug had to have a different name. Although that does make his American name much more funny.

Philip Beddoes says:

the voices are on point

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