Transformers TCG (Trading Card Game) Booster Pack Box From Wizards Of The Coast Unboxing

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Nightwingnum1 says:

Ransack (Deluxe Insecticon, 1985)
Barrage (Deluxe Insecticon, 1985)
Chop Shop (Deluxe Insecticon, 1985)

Patriot Prime Reviews says:

I’m very interested in buying these fully knowing I will never play the game with anyone.

Sky line29 says:

Nice, I might get these

Johannes Mäkilä says:

I pulled Cosmos from booster and I am actually looking for Shockwave and Skywarp. Thing about SRs is that those in 1 of 5 boxes so you must be happy that you got Nemesis Prime because other SR in this set is third version of Bumblebee and you don’t care about him. Yes, there are three Bumblebees in total. One in starter, one common and one SR so if one has all three then he or she can make deck around nothing but Bumblebee that is known as Beehive deck.

joey says:

nice box… I will give ya $70 for nemesis and shockwave

Dank Starscream says:

There seriously needs to be a Decepticon starter pack as well…

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