Unboxing The Fallout Collector’s Trading Card Series 1!

Can this Fallout trading card series match the love Matty has for the Dragon Ball Super card game? Let’s dig in and figure out!
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Fredrick Steputis says:

Totally not impressed with these cards.

MrThirdLeg says:

How can it be a Fallout Collector’s trading card series if they purposely leave the original Fallout and New Vegas

redbluemilestone says:

I thought they were going to be perk cards for fallout 76 that you can use in-game via an app to enhance game play I guess not, they really should consider my idea then.

Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino says:

I feel vas for the current state of Fallout , but still think it Will never better for Bethesda to make new ips

Nikita says:

It’s not focused that hurts

TehPiemaygor says:

I can’t believe Matty is such a fanboy he’d buy some damn collector cards that won’t end up being anything.

Ali Quersou says:

The Vault Boy riding the bomb is a reference to Major Kong riding the nuke whilst wearing a cowboy hat in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove

James Mullins says:

So what if they are cash grabbing. Only means they have a bigger budget to make more games

Patrick King says:

I thought these were gonna be physical perk card packs.

Smart Person says:

The “we’ll be there” poster was used in new vegas

Paragon says:

Where’s the stick of gum and a joke?
Bad marketing.

JohnathanS Facew says:

I don’t think I’ll buy anything fallout related anymore Bethesda is just treating the franchise as a cash cow really and not actually making anything new or innovative with their games, sure you can say 76 is new but really it’s just 4’s recycled assets with friends and little to know story with a mostly lifeless world that kinda feels lazily designed with them just shoehorning in the BoS and Enclave instead of introducing cool new factions instead, honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they just throw in the NCR despite it not even existing at all yet.

Binary79 says:

Very cool to see an unboxing of these cards. I was hoping that they had some underlying game but they are clearly just screenshots and concept art repackaged. I can’t imagine buying these for anything other than novelty reasons. I might buy one on a whim but collecting them is not something that interests me and I love fallout so I don’t see these lasting into future series.

Stubborn Onion says:

I like how you posted this video the day red dead redemption 2 comes out

Awsomecfs TC says:

That first card was from Operation Anchorage, not the BoS.

susan knoll says:

Was so into to this was hoping for a card game like mtg o well I’ll pass

TOMAHAWAK1999 says:

there are no cards from any of the good ones

aidenhill says:

where do you buy these?

Zach D says:

Thanks for posting this video, I was going to waste a lot of money on overpriced screencaps!

darksendkilla says:

even if they were worth anything before … tapping them with your fingernail like that cuts the value by at least 50%

Mr Hoolablug says:

ewww lootboxes cards

Cubes Mac cubert says:

I didn’t know you got fallout tradeing cards

Randy Flanderson says:

wishit was a card game im a mtg fan but the physical cards for that rn art shittily made rn lots of misprints so i was hoping for a fallout game for my fix

Robert Worth says:

Disappointed, they could of been something more.

Lahcene Belbachir says:

Fallout fans are getting plucked like a turkey on thanksgiving… lol

lincoln thomson says:

Nice different video how much did this cost

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