Warhammer Champions Review

Warhammer Champions Review

Intro (00:00); gameplay overview (01:28); final thoughts and review (14:14);

Warhammer Champions https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/255653/warhammer-age-sigmar-champions-trading-card-game
Play Fusion https://www.warhammerchampions.com/

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Ryan Hartgerink says:

I’m kinda doubting this game will last long with games like Magic the Gathering and such already out there.

gene colon says:

Paper play mats?..really?

Rocky Losco says:

I can’t figure this out but after ur champion completes all his quests does he stay in the game or is he exhausted?i guess he stays for his effects huh?

Metal is Life says:

Lots of games don’t have mulligans, off the top of my head: Yugioh, Kaijudo, Pokémon, etc.

pad92011 says:

wow… is this game workshop’s answer to FFG’s 40k conquest?

Mikolaj Witkowski says:

This game looks a bit convoluted, you turn the cards, and this makes their text box hard to read, the boxes that refer to lanes might be reversed etc. Adding to that the number of symbology and the business model… either that’s going to be a game you play all the time and love or not at all, I don’t see it getting a casual play once a month…

Colby Roof says:

Free digital boosters when the app goes live!! Just scan these in 🙂


mgk2020 says:

This looks interesting.

TheZilla says:

It looks interesting, but did anyone really want an Age of Sigmar CCG with booster packs? Why couldn’t they have done this as an LCG with fixed packs?

Jesper Nielsen says:

looks awesome

Graham Mills says:

I always wonder…which Dune game is that behind you?

Rocky Losco says:

I can’t wait to see some videos on deckbuilding

Eric Finley says:

I will probably get a starter just to give it a try but I would have been all in if I could play Gotrek and Felix. Not having a human faction is a bummer.

cole delahooke says:

Biggest difference with this and Lightseekers, which this is based off, is in LS you only have 1 champion and no “lanes”.

R.O. Bot says:

I almost want to get this game just to give my d30 a reason to exist.

imanujakku says:

Thanks for the review. Information for this game was very sparse leading up to release. I blind pre-ordered all 4 starters and a couple booster boxes just because it’s warhammer but the lack of marketing and promotion was worrying. Playfusion also does lightseekers which is supposed to be good as well but I’ve never seen anyone playing the game or even seen it in stock at a store. Hopefully GW will help promote.

Chris Coughlan says:

You should be careful showing your cards, as the ones shown is this video can now be scanned by anyone.

Rocky Losco says:

My first game took close to an hour. Nowhere near fifteen minutes folks,that’s rediculous

MrGreeneyes77 says:

I love the cadence of your voice! Your videos are super soothing and enjoyable to watch! You kinda got a Bob Ross thing going!

August Larson says:

I spoke with an employee of the publisher and learned this game is based on the Lightseekers TCG which I’ve played a bit. This Warhammer Champions looks a lot more interesting. I’m excited for it!

Mezawockee says:

As you said the deck building is waht will make or break this game as it seems there aren’t many choices possible on the board

Eric Finley says:

I love this game but it is so different from every other CCG that it takes some getting used to. I only have the Death starter and about 5 boosters but I am changing my deck after every game trying to figure this out. I like it a lot. I tried to talk a friend into getting the Founder’s pack but was unsuccessful. I wish I had just bought it myself. I’m sure I could have made my money back while keeping the bits I wanted most.

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