Warhammer TCG Game Review & Playthrough | Good Luck High Five Board Games

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If you’re a fan of trading card games and multi-level strategy – Warhammer TCG could be the game for you! It has lots of interesting mechanics for creature combat and utilizes creative design to make for complex decision making. If you like Magic the Gathering, this will definitely be up your alley. Don’t let the Warhammer name scare you off – the gameplay is really excellent.

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Nicholas Koppean says:

This game is pretty decent. I think the Stormcast units are pretty cool but I find the other artwork to be underwhelming. Gameplay is pretty fun and flipping a blessing is like top decking an answer an MTG. It’s a great feeling. However, the game is very unbalanced right now with destruction being the strongest. Plus there is a lot of cheap strategies going on in ranked and it’s kind of annoying.

Onkel Ferno says:

It’s a great and fast-paced game. Still trying to introduce it to my LGS, but the Magic is strong with the others. 😉

Marceloreaver2 Souza says:

it’s a shame…..25 views and only 5 likes….c’mon!!! Smash the like button!!!

Dominic Kirwan says:

Couple of my mates have been playing this recently and said that the game is getting hefty nerfs and reworks to some cards, they ain’t too happy.

Erik Wiseman says:

Oh. It’s Age of Sigmar, not “Warhammer” Warhammer. I’m not picking up another TCG anyway; but, I’m *more* disinterested in AoS.

Wesley Vercammen says:

I was just looking into this game. Its a fun game which combines real cards and digital play… but will it live?
Any plans playing the new transformers TCG?

Chris Allison says:

First! Finally.

SamuraiMotoko says:

This reminds me of Lightseekers

Breanna says:

So happy it’s a review and play through 🙂 I’ve been liking that formatting for this and the last board game review where you played with Maria, it both shows us the game, as well as how to play it and that’s pretty cool ☺️ If you’re doing TCG things now, would love to see you guys do Weiss Schwartz tcg someday ☺️

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