Warriors of the Crystal: The Trading Card Game – Trial Run & Review

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WARRIORS OF THE CRYSTAL DETAILS (Copied directly from Daniel Flanagan)

A Kickstarter (Link will be provided once given!):
-That’s right, I am working on my Kickstarter. I don’t have a release date yet, as I’m working with a friend of mine for a really cool extra prize. Those paper markers in the theme decks? We’re making handmade, laser etched rubber versions that can use. The Kickstarter is going to help me pay for better artwork, allow me to have a stock of product on hand of any time should I need it, and help with things like videos, marketing, and hiring help. (I’m basically running this show on my own, with some volunteer help from friends, and it’s all happening in my spare time.) The biggest thing is that I hope it’ll allow me to travel to Cons of my own to see more people. As for gifts, expect things like cards, special trinkets, posters, the books (see below), the soundtrack, and maybe a shirt or two.

The Books:
-I like the world I’ve developed. So much so, that I have a detailed lore about the world, and I’m working on two books. The first book, Cataclysm (just like the Soundtrack), tells a conflict set in the world during the modern day of the game. It also dives into the history of the world, and fleshes out the game’s lore. The other book is a collaborative work. It’s ten short stories connected to the main conflict and the world. It’s going to be done by ten different authors, and each story centers around one character who is based on a Unit in the main card game. These cards will eventually be made into Unit -LEGEND- cards, which will be beefier versions of the base Units they came from. Speaking of cards…

-I have six planned. The first one, I want to release by the end of 2018, and is directly tied to the books above, using terms, lore, places, and all that expanded in the books, called “Legends of the Cataclysm.” It currently has a total of 118 cards, and I hope to start play testing them in the next few months. Five more are in the wings, and are being worked on as well, only when Legends is not.

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DragonCardGamer says:

I guess only time will tell if this game goes some where.
I like seeing new card games, also a Silver August card would be pretty cool. X’D

Tsukikage noknight says:

Chock full of professionalism, can’t even get a booster pack up straight 😛
Yeah I’m the guy he played against. I do realize my terrible misplays, but all that would of done was delay the inevitable, that paralyze status hurts.
I think I also put that paralyze on the wrong unit after I showed the merging card art, but as you keep watching you see…yeah.
Don;t ask why we suddenly forgot that it was 8 damage to my other rune knight.
This game isn’t bad, despite being on the other end of a Curb Stomp Battle, I quite liked it because it genuinely felt like a real battle over a “this a card game” kind of fight. With the exception of small text and wording in the rules being iffy, it was really fun, extra so that this was all done by a single guy. Like Silver said, it was a great game and intend to play it again.

Hotdog718 says:

Is this jem trying to meme?

Lucario Entertainment says:

Jem help me my laptop can’t be used for the website any more and the freaking chat box keeps transferring me to the are u a robot page on my phone. Can u please get discord

Blood master says:

Hum, that seems interesting though I’m quite wary of Kickstarters … but hey no need to be suspicious just yet, let’s give the creator the benefit of the doubt.
Yeah … The art looks dodgy as hell but as you said this can be fixed later once the Kickstarter allow to fund better art.
It’s nice to have a “live” demonstration, that’s quite helpful to understand the mechanics.

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