We Need a New Pokemon the Trading Card Game for Gameboy

Pokemon the Trading Card game was an awesome game when it came out and definitely got people even more into the card game and visa versa. Yet we only got one of the titles. Nintendo of Japan released a 2nd game but never out of their own country sadly. Thing is despite that the Trading Cards continue to sell and be made yet we have no seen another incarnation of the series. I think it’s about time for a sequel

Music done by Gods Immortal Gauntlet, go check out his awesome music video here – http://www.youtube.com/godsimmortalgauntlet

Art of me in the intro and at the end of the video done by Mr. Evil Cheese. check out his awesome Video Game Action Figure Videos here – http://www.youtube.com/mrevilcheese

Heres the site that is doing the English Translation for Pokemon the Trading Card Game 2 – http://tcg2.110mb.com/


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JohnsonBoba says:


RomanticDie5000 says:

Its because they do they now have tcg online. Also japan pokemon. Does not communicate well with pokemon usa. It would be pretty bitchn though.

pokepal148 says:

Revolution played pt/hg/ss as well

Larry R says:

I agree with you 100% on this. While The Pokemon Company USA has the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, that doesn’t compensate for the pleasure of playing it on a 3/DS. Speaking of which, there is a DS port (again only in Japan, sigh) called Pokémon Card Game Asobikata DS which is just a tutorial on how to play the game. Really, a game on how to play a game.

JohnsonBoba says:

I agree with you Omega. I mean look at yugioh. what the FUCK! there’s always NEW games for them. WHY NOT POKEMON!? PEOPLE STILL COLLECT POKEMON CARDS!!! WHAT THE FUCK NINTENDO?!?!

Rachy says:

I love the game and your t shirt ! <3

rsownzuall says:

Try online tcgo 🙂

CerealCrewGiOh says:

the ownership of the tcg changed hands years ago from watt i understand

Mitchell Krever says:

I’m currently working on a Pokemon TCG Fan-game. It will feature the real graphics of all Generation 1 cards: Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, Gym Challenge and Gym Heroes. 

The game will be for PC made with Unity 5. It will be a Single Player RPG set in the 1999-2000 as you relive the nostalgia of being a young teen when Pokemon TCG first came out.

The game will feature: time/calender system, tournaments,  and reputation system.

darkherosolidox says:

I gesh

SyncThird says:

I agree with you, metal jesus

Andris Berzinskis says:

i have that game, hate it, someone stealed my GBC

Adrian Atun says:

I dont know how to play the card game the real life pokemon card game 🙁

Jeremy M says:

This is a good idea- only one problem though:

The original developer who did the videogames based off of the card game, Hudson Soft is no longer in business. But, there is hope- maybe the company that does the Mario Party games currently can do it? After all, the current company that does the Mario Party games, nD Cube, is founded by former Hudson Soft employees.

Valor Boyd says:

It’s honestly one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time, I’ve always been curious why they have yet to produce another, an app version perhaps? And with the 3DS they could implement holographic 3D cards, it has so much potential and with the little animations needed for battles it shouldn’t be so difficult or as costly as a normal pokemon game

Magearna Pika! says:

you know the online trading card game is the sequel /the third version

MrBuckshot198722 says:

this game got me into pokemon I got it for like $5

EJ Estonactoc says:

I would love to play something like that but Nintendo sucks, lazy add bums

Noctis7372 says:

I’m actually into the TCG, and they have an online game built around it. It seems interesting, though I haven’t actually gotten into it myself.But yeah, it’s like the old game with online capabilities and all new cards

13Zeroither says:

well finish Black 1 and then you’ll understand and like Black 2. I just finished it and its great. It just kills the 1st game story if you played Black 2 and not Black 1.

The Gaming Paladin says:

i love Pokemon Video Games so i would play them 🙂

TCG however i cant care all that much for…

EvilGnomey says:

we need an NFC enabled game with brand new cards that you can buy for the game, just make sure there is free-play and NFC modes so you don’t have to collect the cards but you can if you want to.

Myst0ganXx says:

I don’t think any PTCG sequel will come out for NDS since they already got PTCGO, therefore they will expect players who love PTCG to play there instead.

ThatGuyOnCops says:

Agreed. I loved the game on color

lolfactorO2 says:

i like that idea

fgetsuga0 says:

This definitely needs to be blown up because that game is literal crack. I play on NO$gba (gba emulator) and man… them 90’s feels. I didn’t get to beat the game when I was younger so it makes all the ore appealing when I do get the time to play it. It’s also on my phone too.


SpoonGoonKay says:

As I’m watching this, I’m playing Pokemon Trading Card Game 2: Invasion of Team Great Rocket! On my Gameboy SP. Its fully translated, and so far its been really fun! It’s bittersweet to finally play this game. I bought a copy on Etsy, if you wanted to go check it out to see if you can get your own copy. It’s cool looking at all the older Pokemon Cards they had back in the day. Remember the “Dark” versions, and the Gym Versions? I.E, “Lt. Surge’s Raichu.” I don’t see cards like that anymore. They should start getting more creative…. Pokemon TCG Online is all fine and dandy, but I agree. Lets get a new portable game out!

Alpoc says:

its 2017 and we still domt have a sequel

Gerard Norris says:

This game got me back into playing and collecting Pokemon cards in real life, just playing it now still makes me want to go and buy cards to collect and play, pisses me off that Nintendo wastes our time with childish spin off games but won’t give us something we really want, a sequel to this would get so many more people into TCG and give it a huge boost in general

Cade Vollmar says:

pokemon ttcg online is like a sequal

thesamuraiman says:

4 years later, they put it on the Nintendo DS’s eShop. 😛 But it would be awesome if they actually made a new one for 3DS.
I play TCG online sometimes, but portable would be great.

Andrew Scott says:

If you are still looking for the trading card game I have 2 of them and will be willing to trade or sale one if you want it

AwesomeSquawks says:

I couldn’t agree more with a new TCG installment for the handhelds, but currently there’s just an official online game on the official pokemon site, which involves buying actual booster packs to get codes to buy packs on the game…Which is kinda odd, but meh, it’s an online game, what else is new?
But take a look at Yugioh, they made DS games of their franchise, and I loved playing them cos it meant saving money and testing decks before actually making them.

Heather Theaderman says:

That’s a fantastic idea!

TheKulteska says:

there is its online

TenshiSilver7 says:

I really loved this game and I still happen to play it sometimes, because I find it so fun !
I totally agree with you and wish there will have a sequel for the 3DS.

Alejandro Maselli says:

Thats the problem, tcg online confines you to a computer because you have to actually download the software, if they release it for mobile phones, that would take care of that problem.  I really want a new portable pokemon tcg

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