What Are The Best Sleeves For Pokemon? | TCG Card Sleeve Review

Trainers! Today the Trainer TV Crew looks at the best sleeves to use for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTCG). We rank each card sleeve from PokeBall to Master Ball. So, what are the best sleeves to use for the Pokemon TCG? Watch to find out! Make sure to go ace on that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more Pokemon TCG videos!

– Official Pokemon Sleeves ($7.99 for 65)
– Ultra Pro Standard ($7-$8 for 100)
– Ultra Pro Matte ($7-$8 for 100). *
– Dragon Shield Regular ($9-$12 for 100)*
– Dragon Shield Matte ($9-$12 for 100)*
– KMC Hyper Matte ($6 for 80)
– KMC Hyper Matte Premium ($12 for 100)

* = Price Depending on Color

All Sleeves Were Reviewed According To APPEARANCE, DURABILITY, and FEEL/EASE OF SHUFFLING.

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AlolanJon says:

Actually stayed for the girl because she one of the few that doesn’t look like they walked out of an edgy-emo Fall Out Boy music video lol.

The Eevelutions says:

Use eclipse sleeves from ultra pro

SquidgetGIAN HO says:

your not the only on bro I have dry to

Color Me Bright says:

I make my own sleeves

Smash Tube says:

What about ultimate guard

Syncre says:


farah bin says:

Does trainer watch Roman Atwood

Yolande Oscar says:

18 sleeves need

Hi Bye says:

I saw night march and then TOAD it’s like you’re trying to make me cry

schlinky pbr says:

Why play dimension valley in night march? If you have to attack with your pumpkaboo you are doing night march wrong

Faris Alsuwaidi says:


RandomStuff-Pokemon and Minecraft says:

Ultra Pro sleeves are less durable as Dragon shield sleeves matte

LeHarfang says:

I don’t know, this review seems lacking to be honest. Yes feels have an important part in something you use with your hands but durability can’t just be guessed.

Bluetrainer91 FireBlast says:

Pokemon = pokeball
Ultra pro regular = great ball
Ultra pro matte = great ball
Dragon Shield = Ultra ball
Dragon Shield matte = master ball
KMC hyper matte = Ultra ball
KMC hyper matte premium = great ball

Kylie Odell says:

kmc hyper mat premiums are best i got all those sleeves and the best was kmc hyper mat premium

Alejandro Bustillos says:

i have sone ultra pro whites on my Mcharizard deck and the quality is alright they are not that good at shuffling but overtime they have become more slic over time and i would rate them a solid great ball because there are lots of cons and pros but over like them

BeastMode Nate says:

I use KMC Hyper Mat

Lego moc Creater200 says:

Trainer is wearing Roman at wood merchandise

cody sparks says:

time for an update. kmc has become trash and the ultra pro eclipse are the best.

Practical Dragon says:

Do the Sleeves from the Elite Trainer Box count as the “Official Pokemon Sleeves”? Also are they legal for tournament or competitive play?

Ross Beecher says:

Ok, this is BY FAR the best review of sleeves I have seen yet!!! Way to go guys, you sold me on the KMC Hyper set. SOLD!

hotstreak07 Magic,Pokemon,and yugioh says:

Wow an ultra ball for ultra pro

poptart420 420poptarr says:

Nice shirt

col parker says:

never heard of kmc before. gonna start getting those

chill_ says:

You should try the ultra pro eclipse sleeves

Yusuf Gunter-Rahman says:

Prof. Chris i don’t know how much you played with the ultra pro mattes
They easily split and in every pack I’ve bought at least 5 split basically right out of pack
You should update this because KMC is now HORRIBLE

Maxwell Brazier says:

I use a brand that wasnt in this video. Is that bad?

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