You Can’t Use OCG Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards in the TCG

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Alex McCullough says:

Ez JuSt mAkE tHeM cReAtOr GoDs

Chaos_Light_Dark says:

You know the real reason you can’t use ocg cards in the tcg?


joey martinez says:

I wonder if Chaos Emperor Dragon,Envoy of the End will be UnBanned. At least to Limited

TFOH pronounced tea-foe says:

Can I use 40 cellphones each with a TCG card as a wallpaper as my deck? All 40 cellphones are the same model and have the same case. It’s my Morphtronic deck mate.

Alabeem says:

This man had to make a whole video just to tell you idiots, “because konami said so”

James Brincefield says:

I thought semi-transparent sleeves weren’t tournament legal anyway? I know some KMC sleeves aren’t able to be used because the lighter colors are too transparent.

You may have said this and I missed it. I’ve got the video playing in the background while I’m working.

Baku Raijin says:

I mean, yeah, you made a mistake; we all know opinions are taboo online.

S Blower says:


john choulio says:

this bs you shouldbe able to do so but ocg cards are cheaper so does there packs so komoney

Picky Physics Student says:

Because the OCG cards are named Skyfang Brigade and that doesn’t push the Furry Agenda as much as something like Fur Hire.

Akil Wallace says:

What does OCG mean?

o/ Hexenwahn o/ says:

Because Konami are greedy and don’t want us to buy them cheap OCG cards. End of discussion.

Stanley Ng says:

Does the sky striker ace token from Japan count?

voltsy says:

is a girlfriend the new meta deck?

Charles Hilz says:

Finally a video that doesn’t slow play to 10 mins

Reez :D says:

Eventhough the artwork is the same and you cover the back of the card, OCG is in japanese, so you pretty much dead end anyway lol

alex Sock says:

why nobody plays OCG cards at TCG events

¡BezzyBee! says:

Doug is cheating on me? I yiffed you passionately though ;~; /-

blaker62 says:

You forgot to say that there is a place you can use both tcg and ocg cards, and that is the yugioh world championship

Desfore says:

Can you use other regional cards in TCG tournaments, as long as they’re part of the TCG/OCG split? Like say, using German or French cards in a US tournament?

victorzenman says:

Oh hey I was one of those who asked :O Either way thanks for the extra clarification on all this!

Explosioncake says:

5 year girlfriend, dude ask her to marry you already

Robledo Sarhento says:

Commenters doesn’t understand policy documents

TheGuyWhoIsSitting says:


Bacon Konatsu says:

So i guess playing TCG cards in the Ocg is also forbidden

Bruno Alonso says:

I don’t get it, can I use OCG cards in TCG events?

kefkapalazzo1 says:

Good shit on 5 years. Shit I haven’t had a girlfriend in 5 years.

NicolaNeko says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t OCG get some cards before they’re out in the TCG? wouldn’t that also be a plausible reason?

Lorens4444 says:

Commenters/Trolls don’t understand policy documents. XD

Ethan Fairweather says:

Everyone keep in mind that OCG rules and TCG rules are completely different. For example in OCG Harpies Feather Duster is legal at one copy. TCG Advanced, it’s a no go. In fact I would argue OCG is harder than TCG because of those differences in card legality. Forget the language differences. You have to be prepared virtually anything.

Tristan Lucas says:

Jokes on you I brought a TCG(Trickstar w/ 3 Reincarnation) deck at an OCG event. Apparently Philippines adhere to OCG rules, why am I watching TCG videos?

lizelchaos says:

What does Pot Of Greed do again??

Gary Oak says:

Have you never heard of ygopro format dzeeff? The meta is six sams ftk using the new link with needlefiber into summon sorceress.

AkiRa22084 says:


Blight Slinger says:

Happy anniversary

assault410 says:

Commentators dont understand girlfriends

Austin B says:

Hmmm… maybe it’s just to make life easy on the judges, i mean if you use a card in a language the judges can’t read how are they gonna judge?

I dunno
It’s fine.

King of the Bruiser-weight says:

Dzeef next three videos

“Commenters don’t understand the policy document”

“I was wrong about the policy document”

“Why nobody reads the policy document”


thats a gay ass rule

daniel williamson says:

Ok but Why can’t I use OCG cards?

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