YTDan Goes to Locals!? || True Duelist || Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG) Vlog

NANI! Duel Links Tubers can TCG!?! YOU FOOL!!!! We are all Duelist aren’t we. Regardless of the realm a True Duelist is defined by the power of his and strength of his heart forged by bonds Linked within the Duel. Join me on my adventures, grow with me to become a True Duelist!

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MrBleach401 says:

More more more this is the content we needed Dan

giitty a says:

This is amazing. I hope this series goes on for a while.

Javier Orozco says:

lets see that deck profile

Firdaus Aziz says:

Gl my boi and have fun

MemeKingSupreme SwizzorJizzor says:

Now you have to buy a spellground mat

Muhammad Abdullah says:

RIP Dan’s financial assets.

Cam says:

we aint riding bikes no more people we driving cars now.

44lvlc0 says:

O noaws yt dan. The tcg isn’t as nice as you think. It’s not sunshine and rainbows like duel links.

BelowAverageGamer says:

Aye my boy that mall looks really familiar is that in south carolina just wondering cause I used to go there when I lived down there

Risebell says:

This man just started and is already crafting engines

ViewtifulTay says:


-KingOfNinjas_1- says:

GL on the locals, Dan!

Coca Cola says:

You inspire me my man

Douglas Robles says:

Awesome Dan I like the way your turning thing around its crazy lmaoooXD

Jesus Torres says:

Hey Dan! What ever happened to the Outlast walk through? Did you ever finish it?

Jianing zhong says:

I am going to my locals for sneak peak todai, pretty sure that mall u go is much better than Australian card store.GLHF

adan arturo ramos silva says:


ItZEnvy xoxox says:

The monarch cards would be proud of the royal purple sleeves and using the power of pure darkness and dankness to dominate the field

Sith Chris Yama says:

Nani?! YTDan?! Entering the TCG?!

YTDan says:

What happens if a man controls the power of Dank in 3 Dimension (TCG, Duel Links & The Kitchen) one becomes…A True Duelist!

Nico Velasques says:


andyhartley says:


Toren says:

A very entertaining video.Thanks for all the hard work.

Sora Satoshi says:

my boi i hope you don’t go to your local and use your skill beatdown in a duel.

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