Yu-Gi-Oh! Lair Of Darkness Structure Deck Opening TCG 2018! NEW Darkest Diablos Deck + Review!

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Avervice Senpai says:

The deck that Yami Bakura would play in 2018 lol

Not Enough Subs says:

Could you mix these with Gravekeepers?

Joseph says:

Yes Sam, I do sniff new cards as well

Simon Lawrenson says:

Loving the Naruto music in the background lol

Jared Cassidy says:

Team Sam what’s the name of the song you play as ur outro

Jake Teale says:

ill give you a like simply for the sniffing

nidhoog says:

Some people get high from drugs and some people get high from cardboard

eletro831 says:

Darkest Diabolos + The dark version of Monarchs, that is a good combo

Isaiah Rivera says:

I’m planning to build the Fang of critius build with this deck

Kirigaya Kazuto says:

Hello everybody,
I just started with Yugioh again and I really like this structure deck because of the artwork and stuff. Can someone who has more xp in yugioh tell me how often u should have each card in the deck? The structure deck has only one copie of each card. For example field spells. Is one enough and u have to be a bit lucky to get it or do u run more? Because when u already have one open it seems kinda wasted to have more of them in the deck (but Iam a noob so correct me pls if Iam wrong).
Some answers and general tips would be great.
Much love ^^

KING Logan228 says:

New virus vs dino hmmmm don’t do itt

Joshua D Dandridge says:

Sam. Profile your Yugituber Grand Championship Lightsworn deck! We need the sauce!

Mikey Derrick says:

How much are you selling these for? Also that play mat is dope man

Eddy SegaFan says:

#420sniffingpacksnotglue #metoo

Solaire says:

Its honestly insane to see people finally giving you some respect after that dual in the yugituber grand championship. Rooting for ya.

Eddy SegaFan says:

Drink one shot glass for every time Sam says “Darkness/of darkness” xD

Lowell Lucas Jr. says:

Getting high on that new decal fumes! Awesome deck review!

DJohn says:

Can you incorporate destrudo into this deck? (Together with darkwyrm, dragon shrine, dragons ravine etc.)

ChaoticReverse 999 says:

Darklord virus with this

EpicSteve23 says:

I’ll be using these in infernoid, lilith searches void feast, the field spell let’s you tribute your opponents monsters for you infernoids banish effects, darkest diabolos gives infernoids another easily recursable boss monster, even grinning grave virus has synergy with infernoids with how high the attack value is on a lot of them

mads vigan says:

this deck could use a terraforming when the hole thing relay on its field spell

Chr1s887x says:

Is there anything in this deck that would be really useful in a DDD deck?

Dame Ade Wijaya says:

Did you realize that your diabolos is missprint

Shadow Spector says:

Wow, this deck looks very interesting. I’d totally get it, but i think I have too many decks as it is. (Not trying to make excuses. I just want my current decks to mean something.)

TheVafisherman says:

It’s pronounced like luh-ment not lamont. Lament means the expression of grief and sorrow, so it makes sense for the card

Anton Wilzewski says:

There is a tuner lv 3, that can synchro during the opponents main phase. Seems legit trishula during opponents turn.

Luke the forbidden one says:

Simply unlucky smells the decks

addiROCKS94 says:

How ’bout combining this deck with monarchs ? Is this an option ?

Angellicus says:

There are some sellers on eBay that are selling them for $9 a piece with free shipping. Picked up 3 of them for less than $30.

Torry Fisher says:

Hey probably a dumb idea but what do u think of this deck with a dark magician deck?

Neutricity says:

I smell new cards too

Mokey Mokey Guy says:

Sadly I don’t know why It tells me when you upload something since I’m not subbed. But at least I now know the new stricter deck is out

Samiboy says:

Why does a pure DARK deck not include Dark Amred Dragon, Konami wtf ??

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