Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX – Pokemon Trading Card Game Deck Profile

Andrew Mahone reviews Dustin Zimmerman’s’ Zoroark GX / Lycanroc GX Pokemon Trading Card Game deck profile.

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Katelyn Osborne says:

Would you be able to do an Alolan Exeggutor GX deck? Like one that in your opinion works the best? I only really trust your profiles haha 🙂 thanks

Turbo Flareon says:

Hey Andrew should I double sleeve my decks

Nooby Noob says:


Derium's Competitive Pokemon says:

in the video i say that the list is ryan sabelhaus’ – though ryan played this list, original credit goes to Dustin Zimmerman!

Austin says:

(It’s Dustin Zimmerman’s list.)

Supreme player says:

Amazing deck

Brad Leibold says:


tarot nerd says:

Sweet deck

Trash can does art says:

max rymes with tax who controlls taxes trump who does trump work for the goverment who controlls the goverment the illuminati. boom iluminati confirmed

Gabriel Reyes Mojica says:

I would had take out the energy loto and add another float stone since you have Zoroark gx to draw your dce’s and energy loto is a chance item and float stones are more important for mobility. Depending on puzzles of time to add float stones only let you attach one float stone at a time.

Keith IJAYA says:

2nd commentttt, i lovr the bulbasaur at the table

Austin Bentley says:

But why does this deck only play 3 Zoroark GX ? I played Zoro/Lycanroc a lot lately and this makes NO sense at all to me. You always want to see Zoroark as early as possible and you want to see as many of them as early as possible. Missing or hitting a Zoroark during your second turn often means the difference between winning and losing, so it is absolutely mindboggling to me how this list only plays three. Tord’s Zoropod played a 4/4 line as well after all.

In my experience this deck is only really consistent as soon as you have one or more Zoroark set up. The actual setting up can be a little rough though with only 2 sycamores. So why would you make that part even harder for yourself by only playing 3 Zoroark ?

TheGame says:

I am Groot

Matt Gregg says:

I’ve felt for awhile Zoroark gx pairs best with Lycanroc but feel may have difficulties given the popularity of Zoroark being paired with grass. Is Salazzle/Zoroark a viable counter, or is it just too slow?

Chackachub4267 TV says:


Eeveelutions8 says:

Awesome watching this now.

Alexandre Plamondon says:

i want too much your mat, too beautiful

Jonathan navarro suarez says:

What do you think about decidueye/zoroark

SHINY Pokemon Superfan says:

I Don’t get the deck

Edward Hindle says:

Love the channel

Michele Ferrante says:

Hi Andrew!
I’m a fan of your channel, and even if I do not play competitive (only on PTCGO) I’ll try to say mine opinion.
(Anyway I’m loving your videos!)

On PokeBeach, somewhere I read that a deck to be valid must have a good match-up with the T1s. Speaking of this list, this deck really has two pokemon that are phenomenal: ZoroarkGX beating and LycanrocGX doing Lysandre are really a nice core. However I do not think this deck has positive match-up against the top tiers. The meta is full of decks that play max potion, which does not help in view of a 2 hit KO, and Acerola. Going even more specifically, against Brokenvoir does not have much chance (parallel city/max potion), against ZoroarkGX / DecydueyeGX (max potion/weakness) does not have much chance, against GalisopodGX / ZoroarkGX (weakness/acerola) does not have much chance. Against the T2 match-ups change because the list really has consistency, but this does not mean that victory is assured. The consistent nature of this deck gives it the ability to be a strong deck against any opponent, however the strategy has a lack because if the opponent comes out of the preparation phase it is difficult for this deck to win. Against Bulu, Volcanion, Silvally (variants), Metagross, Garbador (variants), Greninja, this deck to win (as well as for T1) must set a clock, pressure for the opponent since the first turn. But in this point of view it is much better BuzzwholeGX / LycanrocGX. Of course, as a deck is a little less consistent (NO puzzle of time, NO trade) but sets a clock much faster and you can give the list more consistency with a 2-2 octillery (just as you have already done).

Of course if we still got in standard air field now we would be talking about mono-meta, but the necessary 2 hit KO with pokemon so tank, with the increasing of copies of Acerola and max potion (not to mention the parallel city) makes this deck a T2.5, or, as for the categories of the VG is a UU (under used). He does his job and does it well, but some people do it better (my loved BuzzwholeGX)

I hope this criticism is constructive. I hope this list will receive support that will make it shine.

PS:Andrew would you make a ZoroarkGX / CounterEnergy deck ?!
Keep it up and Force Delirium’s team!

Eeveelutions8 says:

The deck I am using online and on videos for Lycanroc GX/Zoroark GX is way different to this and works well for me.

Doge Biscuit says:

In the beginning for zoroark gx, you said it hits for 170. Without choice, it’s 120 for a full bench and 150 with choice band.

Love you videos! Keep them up!

Metagross Authority says:

How are you only playing 3 Zoroark

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