How to get a FREE TCG mount in World of Warcraft!

It’s free!


Peter Hartz says:

Best wow tutorial i ever seen! thumps up!

thehorrorgeek1 says:

you missed 3 pet Gove aways I’m curious who won them

warhaamme R says:

Can i still get it??

Michael Ritzert says:

Just spent the day leveling up my fishing shack. Hoping for the mount in the near future. How long did you farm it? Thanks for the tip!

Joakim Västerö says:

is fishing a proffesion or can you jsut go there fishing? sry im knoob

NamineKHearts says:

Awesome Video! I have terrible luck with drops in wow, but I will try. Also if you equip fishing nets on your ships for shipyard missions there is a chance to the turtle also (this is the link I found months ago: I haven’t gotten anything yet but fish but it keeps me full on stat food. Now, just to get a lvl 3 fishing yard lol

Starian ? says:

Was your char named Chara?

Jarryd S says:

You should turn on auto loot or shift + right click when looting to auto loot.

Hubert says:

nice vid .. now time to get a lvl 3 fishing shack :/

Rory B says:

i didnt have a fishing shack ever since WoD came out

Sharon Schultz says:

Ok so time to get with leveling that fishing shack!

Young man productions says:

Do you need level 3 fishing shack for this

Quagigitymire says:

It may not cost gold, it may not cost cash, but if your time is money than my friend this is one expensive ass mount.

Cameron Valencia says:

Click bait title IMO. Good vid though

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