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Nick Hoffman says:

I would totally play FOW but I feel gross buying a bunch of pictures of scantily clad anime girls. Not trying to be an sjw, if that’s your thing, you do you, just not my cup of tea

Nemesis T-type says:

Hello negative, that was a interesting video. I was actually trying to look for a different game to play is FOW really that entertaining? If so what kind of decks r out there because I been playing vanguard to much and im starting to get a little bored of it.

Steven Wilson says:

Bulma from dragonball would like to have a word with you good sir

machina188 says:

The art for quite a few cards in FoW are sexualized. The amount of emphasised crotches, characters striking out of place provocative poses, and pointy nips is absurd, and I don’t feel comfortable getting into a game I wouldn’t be comfortable showing my younger family members. Literally the only thing keeping me out of the game.

Tedurbin202 says:

So, I’m super late to this, but I was not expecting to see my comment on this video. You did a good job of not flying of the rails with the blatantly insulting comments. Good on you.

That is one thing I can’t stand about some parts of the Magic community, is their intolerance towards people who play other TCGs and how condescending some of them can be. Granted, I know not everyone is like that (hell, I’m not), but it’s still obnoxious when I encounter it.

Also, I like some of the sexy ladies depiction in FOW. If other players don’t, that’s fine. They don’t have to play with those cards.

Intr0naut says:

Yeaaah… Looking through the entire card list (which the site helpfully provides, awesomely) and the amount of stick thing anime girls for the dude eye candy is a bit much.

Sarkhamy says:

As for your case with the MTG muligan system – we had that mulligan system. In the magic community this is called a “Partial Paris” mulligan. It was the standard mulligan system for commander. It may be fine for standard, but for eternal formats where combo and storm is incredibly strong it leads to players having too much reliability and ending the game far to quickly. The competitive commander meta changed entirely because of this shift, with previous titans of the format – Narset and Derevi – fading nearly into obscurity shortly thereafter.

cody Burke says:

It’s funny when I was first introduced to FOW, I saw it at dreamers vault playing pokemon with my family. It looked cool so I bought 1 pack… yea im now addicted to it, (btw im 12 dont judge) well every saterday they let you get 2 promo’s for going there, I picked 2 FOW cards… duh, but he gave me 10 of every energy stone things with it. So im set lol

Trevor Greenland says:

Coming from someone who has played Yu-Gi-Oh for a good part of my life and has tried magic before I can say that While I have only just started playing Force of Will I prefer Force of Will mainly because Magic is to slow for me. Force of Will never has to worry about not having resources. That makes the game inherently faster. Plus that artwork is amazing.

TheJPKaram says:

Wait Artorias the abyss walker is in FOW ?

Joshua Xiong says:

MTG: Decently filled with gore, horror, and death. People are kind of okay. FoW: half filled with “sex sells”. People go to war over it.Whaaat? Both have crossed the line and MTG gets off mostly free? Goodness, I feel like MTG is the overly privileged individual of CCGs for little reason while everything else gets pulled over once every so often.

Sarkhamy says:

Your acting as though you need to intimately know the rules of magic in order to play the game. The basics of the game can be explained as simple as the basics of force of will. But unlike force of will you have 25 years worth of mechanics to deal with each of them interacting with the intuitive system the game is based on – “The Stack” – and each of them interacts in a specific way. The basic “How to” of magic can be covered in 15-20 minutes, about the same amount of time it takes to explain Force of Will.

David K. says:

I agree with every point you made except for the art in fow not being sexualized. Some of the cards are clearly fan service for the majority male player base. Not a complaint, just telling the truth.

Th1zDwK says:

In my humble opinion, I think the people mad at this are those who are buying into a card game as an investment. Buy it for fun! I play yugioh for fun. Cards should be never cost more than a few cents or even a few dollars! If you want to invest in something, invest in something better, like stocks. Trading card games will never make you rich because your fortune is at the mercy of the printers of FoW and any other card game out there.

Einherier1994 says:

you cant get enough stones?…i have to much of those cards….well…mostly because i always forget to give them back after a draft .-.”

Marc Klein says:

I am staying with Magic since I started with Alpha and I am far too invested. I can barely afford Magic… I cannot afford another game, even if it IS cheaper.

Patrick McSupafly says:

Specifically in Magic’s Eternal format (called Legacy), there are a ton of turn 1/turn 0 win decks that are balanced only by a slight lack of consistency with what you draw in your starting hand. This makes those decks win on turns 2-5 from time to time as opposed to always winning turn one. These decks are also the reason that a magic card called “Force of Will” is the most frequently played card in the format. Force of Will’s style of mulligan would make those decks wayyy too consistent and therefore, broken.

Jagger Winberry says:

going threw his vedios see chaotic now this and now i think his avatar looks like a codemaster anyone else ?

ertwas the cardbot buider says:

Magic is ausome because the beginner decks aren’t the best but if you trade a few cards it becomes tiger cause some players use strong creatures but they cost lots of Mana and the stuff that brings Mana is rigged and there really good so even the starter decks are actually pretty good

hahae huehuehue says:

No it is not bad

Marcel Roberge says:

He’s not talking about dudes with swords being sexualized he’s talking about chicks. Side note WHO THE FUCK is complaining about a sexy card game. That’s one of the reasons I’m wanting to get into the game is for the beautiful art work and sexy characters. If I wanted to play lego the card game or mine craft the card game I’d go and fucking play that garbage. Idk the characters names I think he mentioned it in this video, that valentine or whatever her name is, not only are her boobs really popping out but you can basically see the outline of her nipple and areola. Not complaining just thought that was a tad bit graphic but fuck that it looks like a cool game. I really hope it grows I wouldn’t mind finding a local tournament in my 50-60k population city. I hate North America for censorship and garbage like that this game is cool so what if it’s a tad sexualized. Come ooooooon force of will keep making good stuff and force my will to go buy your shtuff

Rei of the Amaryllis says:

I feel on the numbering system so much. It is easier with a bunch of zeroes…it also makes me feel like the cards I have are inherently more powerful (even if they aren’t). But, I am enjoying this game a lot. Am a veteran YGO player and played CFV, and this has a nice feel to it. Also reminiscent of Duel Masters.

Christian Andres says:

FOW tcg = Bad copy of commander from mtg
“””””Bit””””” diferences: green color -> MTG: Ramp big creatures/ FOW: RAMP/Counter and big creatures (Broken)
Blue color-> Mtg -> fix deck, control deck counters / FOW: big creatures, little control
Commander deck : 100 cards with one copy of card / FOW : 41 cards with J/commander upss…sry J/ruler
FOW = Magic anime, Magic Kawaii.
Combat System it’s only diferent.

the rest it’s same Excessive same.

i tell you this i played both games.


RainMasterXD says:

How does FOW dominate MTG in prizes when you can make so much money off this game just by playing it at events and being good at the game. Promo cards, playmats, deck boxes, cash prizes, the pro tour itself i mean the list goes on and on.

Short Bus General says:

What card is that at 12:18?

Lumaknight says:

i preffer fow to magic as the land sytem is a product of the time that can make games entirley unfair. but i prefferd game is vanguard and will remain so as its not got the proplem other games do of the cool cards being well unplayable, magic a lot of the cool cards are unplayable and ive been told its simmilar in fow (really only a casual fow fan) but in vanguard the cool cards are the optimal strategy. as well as most of the complaints about vanguard being bogus when you start doing the math on it. also its bigger at least in my country then FOW so i get to play it more theres one store in scotland that plays FOW and its on the opposite side to me but regardless i still like fow designs and i love playing reiya and zero

RainMasterXD says:

“It worked fine for us so it can’t be broken” Anecdotal evidence at it’s finest. Clearly you and your friends play more casually and aren’t using very powerful decks that could abuse this kind of mulligan. It allows far too much control in what your starting hand will be.

ted van Bijnen says:

I argre like MTG I have my dek is only from the 5 first sets

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