Opening World of Warcraft TCG War of the Elements Booster Packs (Savage Raptor Loot Card Pull!)

I managed to pick up two War of the Elements WoW TCG packs and figured it would be a great place to start videos since the block just released. It all turned out great with an epic pull!

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Thanks =)


Exploited says:

Can you pls give me a link to where you buy your packs


Can i buy WoW TCG boxes online with paysafe? anyone plz answer.

priestskorge says:

was the loot version

Chris Brown says:

wasnt the unscratched

oOSignalzOo says:

It wasn’t a loot card. Just standard.

Danijel Mesaric says:

I get floating spellbook from the betrayal of the guardian.I am so happy 🙂

PhoenixDownGamingPDG says:

I believe its going for 60$ right now.

Mokgore says:

The lichling was the non-loot.

RibLemons says:

Were can I get a deck of wow playing cards

steve Xr says:

how much can i sell savage raptor on aH?:D

PhoenixDownGamingPDG says:

its A common loot card, but A loot card nonetheless. I got one in my Worgen Warlock starter deck.

Lukas Melard says:

100dollars mount 😀

Jas2davir says:

lol landro’s lichling was a loot card 

Agtor R says:

can u stil buy cards today? and where

Nicholas Rancourt says:

Gz! you were very lucky to get one when you just bought 2 packs. still , gz

zobbyzob says:

cant see the scrath thing : /

Sassy Driving Lad says:

The lichling is a loot card

Steve Jones says:


Comrade Vankii says:

got landros lichling…say it cool as f*ck …when i got him i was screaming like a little bitch

Mike Driscoll says:

if u have any loot cards that u dont want i will take them

Marina Juice says:


Andrew Korman says:

wasnt loot one

Raging Squade says:

you had a pet in the first one

Crane Hachishaku says:

If you want booster boxes go on amazon and get the wow archives booster box because its like $65 + tax (free shipping)

Christian Duval says:

u lucky bitch

Niklas Kaplan says:

gratz man ^_^ i almost shit myself when i pulled a feldrake hahaha


the lichling is a loot card!!!

james jim says:

Where can you buy these?

Matthew West says:

u are unable too

Daily Drug says:

wtf u got the litchling hellu:P:D

XxGam3rzombi3xX says:

wow that horrible you know

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