Unboxing War of The Ancients TCG – RARE MOUNT DROP – FELDRAKE!! | World of Warcraft

Unboxing War of The Ancients TCG – RARE MOUN DROP – FELDRAKE!! | World of Warcraft

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lil oshi says:

So lucky.

Basha Syed says:

The lady on the packs should be Tyrande Whisperwind and The guy on the packs is Broxigar the red 🙂

Troy Ruddock says:

As of this post, $799 is the minimum I’ve seen for Feldrake.

Also, the odds of pulling it are 1:264 packs.

d9nni says:

have all the mounts worked for u literally got one and then a paint bomb no codes worked could u maybe link where u got the cards from

Michael Edwards says:

Feldrake is one of the hardest mounts to pull in all of the tcg,
very very rare, congrats

nikos opro says:

WTB Swift Spectral Tiger on EU Stormscale Horde add me on battle tag

Flipper says:

Check the prices now on loot….. Epic

Ashlee says:

you’re officially the luckiest man in the world… wow O:

McKaos says:

I suppose you’re currently seeling/already used the ghastly charger? How much was this full box?


You bought the thing i linked to you??? Or a different one btw grats! This is the mount ive wanted since it was released ive spent close to 900 dollars trying to get it to drop

Drauc says:

Wow this vid needs more views, very nice pull that card goes for like $900-1,200 right now.

I bought a sealed box of War of the Ancients boosters back in Jan 2017 and it’s already gone up 5x in price since then. Holding it until it’s worth a car or something XD

Ashlee says:

There’s this one guy selling for about $900 jesus..

shipow gs says:

Fml….I need to buy some packs…

NintendoTillDeath says:

where did you find this pack? its not on amazon

Marvin Juares says:

How did you get so lucky? I can’t believe the luck you have.

Blazing Johnny95 says:

i dont even know anymore…. i have bought SOOO many never got it

Samuel Norsander says:

Where do you buy these.

Kryptikk 971 says:

Damn you’re lucky wow

MrSuperrajab says:

over a 1000$ now i kinda regret looting mine in game damnit

Christopher Brown says:

“some of these cards are rare….you know like, the common cards” wth, does that even mean lol? (and yes im very butt-hurt you pulled the feldrake).

Sslifer01 says:

4:32 begins

Jester Jones says:

8:05 – Feldrake Mount Drop

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