War of The Elements Booster Packs Opening Part 1 of 5 | World of Warcraft TCG

The time has come to reveal the cards that I have purchased. Is there any loot? Did the Mount Drop? Watch the full video and series to find out!

This is Part 1 of a mini series of the War of The Elements booster packs. There is a total of 47 packs that I purchased. There will be a total of 5 separate videos on opening these packs. Reason being is because I love opening packs and its a hug passion I have.

I decided to purchase more World of Warcraft Trading Cards because of my incredible luck I had with my previous openings. I looted the Ghostly charger and the Feldrake on the same damn day, crazy I know!

Well here we are opening more packs. I want to become the greatest World of Warcraft Trading Card game Breaker on Youtube. Call me Lucky Tiger

Take a look at the mount here and what the drop rate is 1/264 Booster Packs

Let me know how I did by leaving a comment below. Also make sure to thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I appreciate your time, thank you.

War of The Ancients Epic Collection

Betrayel of the Guardian

Scourgewar Icecrown Epic Collection

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Διονυσης Κοτσιρης says:

The blue guy is Neptulon,Elemental Lord of Water fyi.

Robles Games says:

Call Me Lucky Tiger

Mork Kenji says:

Hey! I really like your channel, we should do sub for sub, reply if you interested!! 😀

Michael Edwards says:

great start out of the first 7 packs

Kryptikk 971 says:

Nice editing and awesome pulls!

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