Warcraft TCG: Reign of Fire tragic unboxing

My first unboxing video!

Unboxing of one booster box of the Warcraft TCG Reign of Fire set.

With all the videos of Spectral Tiger drops and god packs, it’s important that there are videos like this one to bring us wide-eyed collectors back down to earth.

I realize I’m a huge noob to the TCG. If you have any suggestions to make, spottings of valuable cards I might have missed, or explanations of why you don’t like my face; hit me up in the comments! I’ll be looking to do some more unboxing of Magic booster boxes and welcome constructive criticism.

Also a few regrets:

-“The hardest part won’t be if I get the cards….but to decide whether to keep them or sell them.”

Makes me cringe every time I hear it. Definitely came into this naive, eyes full of stars.

-The troll hero that assaulted Theramore and helped slay Admiral Daelin Proudmoore was Rokhan, not Vol’jin. He was accompanied by Chen, Cairn, and Rexxar. Thrall was present but didn’t participate in the WCIII level.

-Decided to ultra tempt fate and scratched all the Landro’s Gifts. Each one of them was a Path of Cenarius. So total recoup might end up a bit under $50. Heart breaking investment all in all.


Paul Hostettler says:

Now to figure out how to rotate it 90 degrees >.>

hobson says:

I’m in pursuit of one of these boxes, is there any chance your friend would make a deal with me if he happens to come across another box.

Michael Edwards says:

punch Ryan in the face for that box,
the base card rares and epics might hold some value now also

twitch.tv/dahg0 says:

I enjoyed watching this. Thank you.

Robles Games says:

That commentary was too cringy, good lord. What a loss, it happens.

Unknown Stalker says:

where do you buy those booster boxes? 🙂

Veritos says:

If only you didn’t slam the packs so hard onto the table.. Was pain for my ears.

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