What Happened to the World of Warcraft TCG?

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Here’s the links I talked about:

Konami’s Official Statement on the YuGiOh vs. Upper Deck Lawsuit: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/news/2010/news_100203-settlement.html

Blizzard’s Final Announcement of the TCG: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/10734217

WOW TCG Comprehensive Rules (in case you were curious): https://cryptozoic.com/sites/default/files/uploads/files/wow_cr_v60_120327.pdf

The reddit page where people were super helpful: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowtcg/comments/7pdnbk/im_making_a_video_about_the_wow_tcg_and_need_some/


FalconAshe K says:

Having over 6000 cards, I play on a regular basis with friends and father. Thanks for the video Negative Legend. How about a challenge? What happened to Jyhad (Gee-hod) the card game? I never played this game normally. The rules made no sense.

Jared Gagne says:

What happened to Battle B Daman?
I used to love the show and toys, I was very upset when the toys disappeared from Walmart and more upset when the show stopped airing.

Nature rules says:

Go to my instagram called chaotic cards to spread awareness about chaotic trading card.

Spud Bud says:

I still have a bunch of cards including the onyxia raid deck box.

KnuxSD says:

disc priest means Discipline 🙂

ThatTransChickPlays says:

There was a WoW TCG?

A Filthy Whale says:

i still Play it but I adapted it on a Different game similar to a table top co op with miniatures vs a raid boss

garetare says:

If there’s enough info to make a video about it, I’d love to see one on the Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh counterfeiting

manofthehour1806 says:

Do you plan on releasing content for Cardfight Vanguard?

darklotuz says:

Hearthstone for sure killed off the game. I used to buy cases just for loot cards to sell on ebay. I never played the game directly. hehe Sooooo many Spectral Tigers sold.

Masterdoctorn7 says:

Hey man. I just saw some of your “What happened to” vids. My question is.. What happened to Duel Masters? I remember some of the cards and the tv series vaguely. Now (in 2018), it feels like I am the only one who remembers that game. *shrugs*

cow poo says:

I think I have a card

Rewwgh says:


Sammy Kruizinga says:

The exact same thing happened to the hearthstone meta lol

BladeOfBubbles says:

Can you do a what happend to Di-gata defenders?

Johannes Mäkilä says:

I actually used to play WoW TCG during both UDE and Cryptozoic eras. I was one of rare ones in my area who didn’t also play WoW MMORPG but played game because of my love for Warcraft 3 and TCGs. I still have my cards. I used to play Druid, Paladin, Priest. Rogue and Warlock decks during that time. Game ended while I was having break so it was rather shocking for me to learn that WoW TCG was no more.

R2P2 #17 says:

How can a card games producer make counterfits??? I’m confused XD

Crest 7 says:

Nice video. 🙂

cow poo says:

But not a deck

Crystal Nibarger says:

I just liked collecting them not to mention you could always get mounts or pets or really cool stuff from those cards.

Jarcu Adanantus says:

Ah hearthstone, if you had tiny chances to drop old TCG rewards in your card packs, I might have actually wanted to play you.

The Doomsday Duck says:

It kinda sucked… so it died

Dario Di Donato says:

I love this series of what happend!

That Scarlet Crusade Guy says:

I loved the wow tcg so much, damn blizzard for abolishing it, so many good arts.

Ernesto Maldonado says:

What happed to Huntik

Azakayen says:

What happened to Beyblade?

grasshopperbeats says:

It’s funny that I’m watching after buying a deck from dollar tree

Rafael Medina says:

Could you do a video on kaijudo please.

EMRLD-Mew2 says:

What happened to Duel Masters? I remember that game way back in middle school.

Horden Pokemon says:

I still have a ton of these from back in the day

Darko Mihajlovski says:

mage being op hunter being shit has hearthstone gone full circle

Yasuo Trickcheto says:

Hearthstone is pretty much the same

Grilac says:

Man, seeing TCGs end is so sad. I wish companies would, idk, release a Living TCG-like box as a goodbye or something.

Arelath says:

It was a great game, I played it from the first set all the way until the end, even on a championship level. Good times.

RhythmFrequency says:

So…What happened to Duel Masters?

Daniel Norton says:

Would you do a video on Alteil Horizons? Being able to pick your cards from a library instead of drawing has always been interesting to me.

pokemonix 10 says:

Nice vid

Suika Ibuki says:

Man, i miss this game. It was basically hearthstone, but better. It’s a shame the game had to ruin a good thing. Power creep is the worst thing in TCG

thirion1850 says:


Gee, doesn’t that remind me of a certain game–*cough hack hearthstone cough*

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