What’s Inside – World of Warcraft TCG Naxxramas Raid Deck (2009, Upper Deck)

Today we’re unboxing a raid deck for the World of Warcraft trading card game (TCG). This deck is the Naxxramas raid deck from Upper Deck and was produced in 2009. Let’s see what’s inside.

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Metal is Life says:

Those cases are cool but I was never able to use them for any sleeved decks so they were kinda a miss for me.

vydenis says:

Damn bosses kinda look low HP. Magtheridon is at 100HP. Though, i havent played any tcg raids. What’s the hardest i wonder.

jawny v says:

LOL. this shit gets worst when you start reading off the cards. how is english your only and first language but you can pronounce anything? LOL. #MURICA

jawny v says:

HOLYFUKINPIXELS. this was published 12/31/2017 and yet it looked like it was recorded in 1998. wtf . even shitty old iphones produce better quality than this. what era are you living in ???

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