Why the YuGiOh Community SUCKS

I loved YuGiOh while growing up but when I decided to try and get competitive in the card game, my experience wasn’t so great. I try to discuss what the cause is behind the YuGiOh community has gone downhill.
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p l a g u e d o c t o r says:

i played yu gi oh spend alot of time and money and now i am switching to magic the gathering

Justsomerandom Guy says:

This is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve quit yugioh 3 times since I was in high school (not to make a statement) because of life’s priorities (job, family, etc.) and EVERY TIME I came back the toxic players where always prevailing. So here are my thoughts on the matter now that I’m older than I was and have been through what I needed to see. I do believe you are correct about Konami. I do agree they don’t care for the communities. And as salty as they are, they ARE a company. So yes maybe it is good if we don’t buy their products for a while to slap em where it hurts (the bank) but I believe we can do more than that. Make a change within ourselves and others by showing people yugioh can be fun REGARDLESS OF BUDGET and REGARDLESS OF SKILL. I give 8 year olds a challenge and then let em win at locals because the smile they have when they run up to their dad and say “Dad! I won my first game!” Is priceless for me. I give free cards (within reason) to players who need help. You know why I did those things? Because there where a few good duelists who did that for me when I was growing up. They showed me that I could play yugioh well and have fun without being like that 1/3 of toxic people we are referring too. Just be kind to one another. After all it’s a kids card game.

Samurai says:

is it okay to enter a tournament with a crap deck? (Local ones)
also this game Yugioh is pay to win

Sathu says:

well with the current format right now u do have the option to play a variety of decks

Honest Dave says:

Hell you don’t even have to play you can just collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards like I do and people are still toxic towards you

jinn says:

When I first Started playing Yugioh it was fun asf all the kids my age and a few of the teenagers would all meet up at the computer lab of my apartment complex to play each other and it was so much fun but when I went to my first Tournament with my friend who was the best deulist of all of us and we both noticed the toxicity with in our first matches of all the people taking a fun game way too far, throughout fits cuz the lost to six samurai (my deck) and they were using some expensive card I’d never heard of.
But once I started playing magic, vanguard, fow and Zach bell(it was popular in my area) the community’s were so amazing. I actually had the exact same experiences that you had with the other card games the we both played.
Honestly yugioh players take the term deulist to heart and treat like there in the anime

Knox says:

I will always love Yugioh. But the community that I used to go to, are toxic as hell. So I stopped and now I just help my friends build up a good deck so we can all enjoy a good laugh and some casual fun.

Zapmaster 21 says:

I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! Player my self I think it’s fun but don’t all card games have over powered cards like magic,Pokémon,or vaungard also I tried magic and there’s tons of toxic people I disliked the game that’s all I have to say

Wally West says:

Hello Negative, While I’ve just recently discovered your channel(subbed btw) I’m an avid player of Cardfight Vanguard and have truly experienced toxic players in Yu-Gi-Oh! back when I played the game. I didn’t have a lot of money in Middle School and had to make do with a pretty shitty deck comprised of Warriors and Faires. I lost a lot but I played for fun alone. I then quit the game after I met a group of Duelist, whom I was excited to meet at first, and was my first experience with shitty duelists who were elitist. While I did find a few that weren’t assholes a majority were and forced me to quit the game overall.

Then I was recommended Vanguard after watching the anime and played a Gold Paladin Trial Deck, I then taught my classmates and loved the community. While there are a few toxic assholes here and there, the group itself was just welcoming and were willing to give good tips on my gameplay and deck building to the point where I teach others and even formed a small Vanguard group at school with me being the leader. I hope you have had a better experience overall.

Also, recently Bushiroad announced a Vanguard mobile game and wanted to ask if you were considering playing it when it comes out. If you are, I look forward to Cardfighting you with either my Royal or Shadow Paladin decks.

P.S.-What Clan do(or did) you run?

zedrick jaramillo says:

Inside trading is one of the biggest problem.

Steven Wilson says:

That’s why I don’t go to tournaments for yugioh cause I cannot stand for duelists who act like 2 yr olds plus I wouldn’t have fun any ways

Insert Name here says:

I play yugioh but I don’t really mind if you dislike the community. Because trust me, YOU ARE RIGHT

joemk2y says:

remember kids if a complete stranger dosen’t say something and greet himself the second u go in the shop your gaming community is toxic and needs to burn thats what negative legoends says so his word must be god……..burn the non belavers and anyone i deem toxic didnt say bless u after u sneezed BURN HIM BURN HIM WITH FIRE NOWWWWWWWWWWW

Myst Trix says:

This is going to be a very long post. I still loved your video btw, and I like your content, please keep it up.

I really enjoy your video, especially because your answer to fix the game is the same as mine. For years I’ve been saying we fix this by not buying their cards, and not supporting them as it would force them to change things. Giving them money only reinforces their negative behavior. As for the other card game communities though. Maybe because it’s were I am (most people I deal with are competitive assholes), but I can’t find any good communities. I can list the many issues I ran into in my locals. This will be a long post though, but I hope you enjoy.

Yugioh: The same as you said before, and even worse where I am, as people just spout hatred for everything. Everyone lost some sense of fun. You have a different opinion, you’re wrong and are bad. You like something that’s not meta, you’re dumb and are wasting your money. Fun fact: I was looking forward to getting the first wave of Melodious cards. I love female focused archetypes, and I love music, so I couldn’t wait to get the deck. I was told that they are garbage and you are wasting your money.

Magic: I wanted to get out of the game as I wanted to play Vanguard more, but I had so many MTG card I didn’t need. I was able to trade them all in, which was cool but I had people looking over my shoulder, thinking I was building a deck, and they were wondering what the fuck I was building, saying “let’s wait to see what he does”. Also I feel like I can’t ask any of them questions or else I get treated as some idiot. I didn’t feel like I belonged there anymore when my main friends who played the game left.

I never played Force of Will (the cards look great though), but I’m a firm believer that I don’t care about your secondary market. A competitive card game needs to have cheap decks. I think needing to spend a lot of money for meta decks just to have fun is too much. That’s my opinion though.

Pokemon: I had no one who played it, and my locals were filled with those, “you like this deck idea you’re bad, and it’s garbage” type. Also I mentioned that my favorite Pokemon was Gardevoir, only to be mocked and someone to do a jerk off motion, saying “I can imagine why”. So that peeved me.

Vanguard: I was getting into this game and it seemed fun. Although I had no one to help me learn the clan I wanted to play (Bermuda Triangle). Bermuda players even when it was metaish, weren’t popular in my area. So I had to learn it myself, which was fine. It wasn’t until I got into a few tournaments on a local level did I ever feel like I didn’t belong. I was mocked for having Bermuda triangle sleeves (I like to have sleeves that fit my cards as I enjoy the idea of spending money on sleeves with slick artwork on them). I was made fun of for liking the deck, even the one other Bermuda player and I didn’t mesh well. The worst though was when I was told that all Bermuda players were Pedophiles. After that day I stopped going, as I never felt like I didn’t belong. Fun fact: I barely spoke, other than to say hi, enjoy some conversations, and never got pissed for losing (which was a lot).

In short I hate my locals area. I never felt like I belonged at it, and it’s why I’m so sour towards card games in general. I love the idea and the cards, but playing with others felt like I was alone, so honestly I enjoy your video, but I can’t agree with your end statement on other TCG communities being so open. I can’t say anything about Force of Will though.

Shining Armour says:

I wonder what happened to the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh, I should wiki about it.

For me? I stopped playing the game when the entire thing became Special Summon: The Game.
I think duels are spend 80% shuffling the deck over and over now.

Ikio Star says:

Ok, so first off, I am a Yu-Gi-Oh player. In my area we have a pretty sizeable Yu-Gi-Oh community. We get new and returning players all the time and it’s friendly. Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh is an expensive game…at the meta level. That’s your choice if you want to join that level. But you do not need more than $40-50 for a playable competitive deck. When we have problems with players it’s usually them trying to get used to how the game is played. Yu-Gi-Oh is complicated and not every rule is immediately noted so it takes some time to learn the game. Yu-Gi-Oh is fast-paced and layered and you can have games that last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Compared to other card games Yu-Gi-Oh is incredibly fast. Not everybody likes this.

I have played in at least five tcgs. Pokemon, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight Vanguard, and Final Fantasy.

Pokemon players in my area are either some of the most stingy players in my area. Some of them are so stingy they literally bring their own snack foods to the game store, one that sells it’s own snacks. They take up space, buy nothing, and leave their trash behind. And that’s the adults. The kids don’t realize this concept called personal space, and because card games can get expensive and some will literally pick up your cards without asking, it becomes irritating having to deal with them. There is pleasure in an all ages community because of all the varied interactions, but wild children are taxing to deal with and look after. The game store is not a babysitter.

Magic is some of the most toxic elitists in my area. It attracts perpetually stoned losers, and just as many meta players as otherwise. But because these players are stuck up, they never try other card games and tend to look down on people that don’t share their pastime religiously like they do. Games in magic can take a long time, sometimes 45 minutes or longer, and require a certain dedication.

Cardfight Vanguard is dead now, and for a pretty good reason. Not many people like gambling. As a game where you literally draw and drop cards, it’s just not something that interests a lot of people, when you could gamble more effectively with literally any other game. The cards sure can be pretty though.

Final Fantasy…well there’s strategy involved definitely, but it’s a hodgepodge game that’s just getting started in my area. I personally find it interesting, and the community is small and close-knit.

I personally find that the communities differ between areas. I’ve traveled before for yugioh, and have had completely different experiences than I’ve had at my locals.

Seth Bennedetti says:

Really? Because the Magic players at my tourney’s look down on Yugioh players like we’re some kind of sub species for not playing their precious DYING game that Wizards keeps stealing from them with. EVERY game has some toxic communities in it’s grander scale. Also, why else would you play a card game but to try to win? No one builds a deck to lose. As for my personal experience, the majority of people at 2 different local scenes I’ve met was at least friendly, and many of them were more than happy to give advice and shake hands after a win or loss. I always make a point to try to give younger players some decent cards when their starting out so that they don’t get discouraged. Things aren’t perfect, but our games doing better than most in the market, and we’re trying to improve it.

monkeyishi says:

So its a year later what are people thoughts on the comunity as it stands now. better or worse.

alupihan says:

Our country completely gave up on this TCG. Too bs right now. I barely see players of ygo on card stores. Heck there are barely even ygo cards on card stores now. There are almost nonexistent local tourneys of it too. MTG remains king and the closest second was Vanguard. Heck even Force of will is making a resurgence. The ygo community here is pretty much ded. It has changed too much and went into a terrible direction over the years so people just left and quit.

Ghawk says:

Having played Yu-Gi-Oh leagues from 2009-2012, at first when I joined, it was very relaxed. Yes, there were toxic players, but everyone knew what they were doing and just let them be. By 2010, the toxic players had more leeway in the league and it just wasn’t looking good. Then 2011 rolls around and the toxic players have all but quit the game, but also the league was small. By 2012, there were only about 10 people which were down from at least 30 back in 2010. I also think Konami changing the game’s rules entirely has ruined Yu-Gi-Oh and people just don’t like it anymore.

mycze says:

sadly here in the Philippines… its just like that…

maple wings says:

I love this, a good honest look at what yugioh has done wrong. As a yugioh player myself I see this all the time

DeadPistolsBrainGerms says:

I feel that the problem with YuGiOh is, for a very gross oversimplification, power creep. I just think that as time goes on better cards keep coming out and so if you spend enough money and get enough rare/good cards you basically become untouchable. So you get the competitive players that basically have a high status simply because they spent way too much money on the damn game.

That’s why when I play with friends or whatever we either make decks with an odd theme or just use starter decks. There’s almost zero fun in playing YuGiOh if everyone is using their top tier deck that they spent a dumb amount of money on. Most of the strategy in the game just gets thrown out the window and the game clearly becomes pay2win or at the very least “use these cards or lose.”

TehFineztJoker says:

The competitive scene is more toxic than those who just enjoy it. I however am lucky enough to not experience such toxicity. I did face it in MTG…. ALOT. From old classmates to my locals when just trying to watch and see how it goes. So no, the YGO community doesn’t suck.

I still play YGO, just casually with a friend at work. I dont feel like spending a shit ton of money just to compete against a single meta deck…. even though I have a disposable income. I rather spend that on new videogames TBH.

Juan Manuelrosales says:

I always play yugioh but i stop going to tournament (i won the juniors twice) so i play with friends but my deck is always about bring cards back to the field ans destroying others monsers

Thiago ventura de sousa says:

It depends…
Yugioh community in Brazil is pretty good. MTG otherwise…

kirara2516 says:

Starts talking about Yugioh while showing driving around in the FFXV ragalia?! This man has good taste!

Griffen Slayer says:

Hey, having fun is the most important thing you’re right, but for us competive players winning is fun.

NotTheWheel says:

I was the cool toxic player though not only when I was faced up to a kid did I not *Play to Win* Since it was just a locals.. I gave them a bunch of good cards sometimes even prebuilt decks I made myself on the spot from the collections I brought with me that might suit their play style from what I saw and showed them how to use it so they could have more fun… And then crushed them like peasants. 😀 … So that hopefully one day with vengeance in there hearts they would try and beat me someday.

matthew gutierrez says:

I admit i am toxic player. I agree this game is like smoking, it’s addictive. probably at age 28 and playing competitive. need to quit. i solely agree that yugioh needs a change for the better.

Septlaxer Gaming says:

I was looking to pick up yu gi oh myself after seeing it on tv as a kid and loving tcg’s and noticed this. To test the waters I went online first and encounter a dupe frog lock and learned pretty quick that it doesn’t matter about having fun, it’s about winning. This meant that some cards will never see the light of day because they simply don’t have any strong synergy, or will never see true fun ‘casual’ play unless i play with my friends because strangers are just trying to prove something by copying the meta.

Oscar Terrazas says:

1. Yu gi oh is not really a childrens card game, its just seen as 1 in the US. 2 not buying the product (a pack every now and then from casual) wont affect much compared to the toxic competitive players who buy a case when the set comes out.
3. You get ots packs from just participating which always come with a foil card and hold value even if its a free tournament.
4. Bad luck in your area with the toxic players. If it was the only ots store where you live then nothing can be done, some cities have multiple (mine having 4) so wont hurt trying another one.
5. Yu gi oh been dying and on the decline since like 10 years ago XD. Everyone says that and still running strong, so that saying is always a blatant lie

Burak Kaan Karakoç says:

Well we’re in 2018 now and we’re getting good reprints out the a**
Finally the prices will drop so that most players can have access to all the new staple cards of this year

Draconicus Prime says:

I mean at the end of the day no fan base is perfect

Cross TheX says:

big if jeff btw

Tod Sike says:

Magic > Pokemon > Yugioh
Toxic players are everywhere, just try to ignore them or just deal. Some people are really dense lol

Pablo Navarrete says:

Honestly, I have only ever played on the Vanguard Regionals and I have to say that the community (at least for my country) is very amicable. People usually greet each other, wish for good luck and usually have fun, every time I got to finish a game I would talk to my opponent and comment on their deck and strategy and we would usually compliment or even advise each other on how to play. I find it very fun to play and to interact with the people I meet there, sometimes I would comment on a deck when it was shown to me, like at the beginning of a match I would groan or wow when they showed what their deck would be and usually they would reassure me that I could win against them and sometimes I did.
I quit Yugioh because I felt how people in the meta would usually be more toxic, my first “competitive” deck was a Lunalight deck and many players would sometimes just scoff at me for using such a non-meta deck. Also, the price for making a good deck and getting singles has spiked horribly and their price turned me away from the game altogether.

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