World Of Warcraft 11x TCG Loot Cards (Trade Card Game)

11 new loot cards bought at

Paper Airplane – Paper Flying Machine Kit
Goblin Gumbo – Goblin Gumbo Kettle
Thunderhear Hippogryph – Hippogryph Hatchling
Pinata – Ogre Pinata
King Mukla – Banana Charm
Rest and Relaxation – Picnic Basket
Saltwater Snapjaw – Riding Turtle
Statue Generator – Instant Statue Pedestal
Fortune Telling – Imp In a Ball
Center of Attention – Epic Purple Shirt
Spectral Tiger – Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger


Eric Garcia says:

Old org rip

Sweet Deal says:


olegunnar1984 says:

@XxDejavuzZXx dunno.. 2500 euro or something like that :p

jpsond2010 says:


João Silva says:

Rip old orgrimmar !

StyNix says:

@olegunnar1984 So if your acc get hacked.

vegar normannsen says:

haha forever alone 2:34

jrors93 says:

Ahhhh that SONG!!!!

LOL!!!!  FTW!

olegunnar1984 says:


tea kettler says:

how long do loot cards last once summoned?

olegunnar1984 says:

@HunterBaby2011 i had 60 rogue and warrior in vanilla. 70 mage, rogue, warr, drood, shammy and hunter in TBC, got sick of lvling in Wotlk so i only lvl up DK and warr, now i haz 85 2xDKs, warr, hunter, rogue, mage. and i have TCG goodies on all my charrs 😉

Zakez says:

how many times can the pinata be used ? PLEASE tell me 😀

Zackattack6032 says:

The piñata is useful for lvl and testing new moves

Shadowarrior210 says:

and pinata

Alex Thomson says:

hahahaha the spectral tiger thing got me

Shadowarrior210 says:

can the gumbo be used as much a uwnt to

olegunnar1984 says:

@lamees122 the spectral tiger is the rearest and most wanted mount ingame, but the ZG tiger looks better imo 🙂 2years ago i would say spectral, but now there are 2 other “see throuw” mounts :s

steamAwesOmeS says:

Rich nerds… :I

bloodgunslinger says:

I wish I was a rich nerd…

Hilary Chambers says:

I want that spectral tiger card

olegunnar1984 says:

@metalperry1 so?

Kasper G says:

how is the song’s name

wit bat says:

you really have no life if you use the spectral tiger card instead of selling it

Жанна Щербакова says:

Move To Google And then Type: *FreeCodesXXX* This is literally the purely working world of warcraft game code working from this month. Never waste your precious time on other methods

olegunnar1984 says:


Sweet Deal says:

@ballspreng Booty Bay you talk to a guy.


It doesn’t go away u have it for ever

I have an awesome name says:

3,2,1, COKAIN ;D fucked up 🙂

BeyondThaDeepWoods says:

@skilltone4 Thank god.

Snakeprophet says:

how many charges are on the paper airplane?

G Lewis says:

Man, do you know that you bought for more than 1000 dollars for pixels ? You were able to pay you 3 bitches for that

Alex Regan says:

lmao at how you spell special :3

olegunnar1984 says:

@TheLeafyfille there are only 3 different loots cards pr expantion, if u want a spectral tiger u need to buy the fires of outland expantion ^^ all loot cards and all the info u need on wowTCG can be fount at wowtcgloot ! com ^^

fabiocemento1pwn says:

i want the song name too! thanks

3DTyrant says:

head over to the website it states on the loot card

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