World of Warcraft TCG | 1st Place | Stormcrow Games | Core Invitational

(Core) Warlock
UFS Control

Hero – Archimonde, the Defiler

(22) Ally
4 Blackfang Tarantula
3 Bazul, Herald of the Fel
3 Thoglos
3 Pygmy Pyramid
3 Commander Ulthok
2 Pygmy Firebreather
2 Void Brute
1 Maazhum
1 Doom Commander Zaakuul

(22) Ability
4 Boundless Hellfire
4 Nightfall
3 Life Tap
3 Banish Soul
3 Demonic Torrent
3 Legacy of Betrayal
1 Blitz
1 Shroud of the Nethermancer

(8) Equipment
3 Miniature Voodoo Mask
3 Bottled Void
2 Bottled Spite

(5) Quest
3 Wake of Destruction
2 Signed in Blood

(3) Location
3 Shadowfang Keep


moon fahb says:

Great to see you back man

Farzie says:

Hey! Awesome video! I would love more wowtcg videos! I love the game and Im looking to get more into it. Do you have a guide on how to play the game?

sorrow4utube says:

Hey nice video good to see the community growing
Where was this tournament held?
How often do they have them?

WhoIsChente says:

i dont know what any of this means but i still find it very enjoyable – dankuso

king of toads says:

best game ever man, no match to hearthstone

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