Of all the dead trading card games I have looked at so far in the series the world of warcraft tcg was by far the closest contender to outlast and compete with magic the gathering

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James Colman says:

I remember playing the WOW TCG I still have my WOW cards even after I sold my magic collection (I hadn’t played for a year or two and I was yelled at by a Trans person for not remembering which they were and then I saw your trouble and I was like nope I am out 15 years of collecting) It was a decent game, the problem was it at least in Australia they pushed money tournaments too hard at the start and they got all the sharks into the game and it killed all the local people, who just switched back to magic. It was a very fun game. Quests are strictly superior to a land they are a much more fun draw. I even wrote an article or two for a TCG site when it first came out about playing mid range hunters…
Man, living in a gold age back then and didn’t even know it.

blah blahblah says:

I played at nationals and almost every week until UDE lost the license. UDE is to blame for the games failure. They really nailed the organized play and game itself but had lots of shady things going on. they lost most of their (pro MTG players) designers once the power creep was used to sell packs. it was clear UDE was sorting packs and selling chase rares out the “back door”.

MeldrickCz says:

Probably no, there is potential, but It could rival Hearthstone, so Blizzard would not risk that.

jordankoal says:

The game never caught on like MTG did. The MTG Community didn’t want to have to invest in another game and were so loyal to MTG they refused to even give the game a chance. The numbers at US Nationals was around 350-400 at most. It was a shame because the prize support was amazing. They would even give you packs for renting rooms which pretty much covered the cost of the room in merchandise. Blizzard always wanted the game to be a contender to MTG. It wasn’t living up to the hopes though. There were Blizzard reps at big tournaments getting feedback from the players. With Upper Deck losing the license the game was in limbo until Cryptozoic was formed by former Blizzard employees who took it up. Crypto did its best to keep the game going with innovative sets and fun new special decks. Blizzard knew it wasn’t going to work. They had their products they were going to come out with in the future and one showed a Blizzard Card Game Electronic version. We were all hoping that would be for WoW TCG but it turned out they made Hearthstone instead. Blizzard’s MO is to take a game that exists, make it flashy, copy elements from others, dumb it down and market it to the general masses. That is exactly what Hearthstone became. Cryptozoic came out with their own Electronic card game, Hex. Hex is basically a 100% copy of MTG. Hex pretty much flopped while Hearthstone and its simple mechanics were appealing to the masses. WoW TCG fixed a lot of the problems MTG had but the community wouldn’t play it. It just gave those that did play it an amazing time and great prize support. It was 100% Blizzard’s choice to end the card game. Great business move, but pissed all the players off.

Tiwaking Tiwaking says:

I have never heard of this TCG. It is World of Warcraft with all of the power of Blizzard behind it! How could it fail?!?!

Drj0s says:

I played it near the end of it’s life and sadly we all saw it coming (or maybe just my group since it had a lot of higher level judges in it). If I’m not mistaken Blizzard just let the license run out and didn’t wanna renew it because they were making hearthstone, which is a bare-bones version of the TGC.

Vise man says:

ANachronism CCG

Hertz says:

====> Hearthstone 😉

dave harrsch says:

I played the tcg for a long time. Most of the time people were buying packs just for loot cards. When there were rumors of a card game coming out we got super hyped then they release hearthstone. A great game but in comparison to the tcg it was bad. The tcg was great on so many levels

Pedro Fernandes says:

the raids were awesome, really great multiplayer format i still play icecrown citadel with friends it’s much better than archenemy.

solomani says:

I bought a ton of these just for the loot cards.

Yamerus says:

WoW TCG was a good game. I really liked my Warrior Aggro Deck xD and the Raid Decks where so much fun to play against 🙂

Daniel Dukai says:


ZybakTV says:

Never got into the TCG but I remember when it came out and everyone was losing their minds over the Spectral Tiger. Unfortunately there was a big dupe or someone figured out how to generate codes and they became a lot more common.

Will Farrell says:

Not sure if you’ve done the BattleTech TCG yet, but you should!

seandarko says:

Do the Digimon TCG

gLItcHyGeAR says:

DUDE! The cards stopped being printed because of Hearthstone. It’ll never come back, because its spiritual successor is too popular

Roman00 says:

Liked the Street Fighter TCG back in the day.

edua87 says:

For the next dead TCG, how about Hecatomb? Vampire: The Eternal Struggle? Net Runner? Or the best one yet, Knights of the Zodiac

Kevo Fevo says:

Cof hearthstone cof cof

Berkanna says:

I played WoWtcg for a short while but at the time the player base was hard to find. Honestly the best tcg I ever played was Lord of the Rings by Decipher. Unfortunately being they used images from weta workshop and the movie it seemed to limit its ability to stay relevant. I was hoping the Hobbit movies would have been a way of bringing back the card but it never happened.

Gazbagable says:

The TCG died because Blizzard took back the rights from Crypotozoic and then brought out Hearthstone (HS was in the making before the fall of the TCG) This pissed not only myself off but a great deal of players that loved the game.
In the UK our player base was pretty high and we enjoyed not only the tournaments but also the smaller events such as the “chase the can” charity event held every year, where players would bring alot of cans to not only donate to our local food banks but use the cans in gameplay to power up your deck for fun.
For me when I played the game, I was known as the “jammy git” as almost every booster box I opened I would get the top loot card (the mount) and then sell that bad boy and buy more boxes after. I was pretty much the guy that had all the cards you would trade and buy from in my community.
Still pretty ad that it’s gone as I considered it better then Magic in terms of prize support, bundles (fat packs) and of course loot cards to keep it interesting!
I still have the full collection from cryptozoic era to the end barring a few bits 😛
Raids were great fun, still have all of them too 😀

Smilomaniac says:

I collected a fair bit of the WoW TCG and it was very good fun to play, especially the raid whether you played as or against the dungeon. I prefer the resource system to that of MtG, as you’re effectively never completely screwed for resources (you could sacrifice any card face down and use that as 1 mana) though that’s just personal preference.
One thing that royally pissed me off, was that the loot card mount I got early on (turtle mount) you could later just get in the game. They had added a reskinned version which was fine as you could tell the difference, but then they added the original one as a drop. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do.
I also gave away a load of other loot items (tabards) as incentive for good performance in raids, in the game as well as joining social events to bond and compete. People went fucking nuts for those. It really was special, even if it drained my account something fierce for a while (and I got it at cost).

TriAdX says:

The Spoils. Some of the best ccg gameplay ever.

Smokeweed D Bear says:

I loved the WoW TCG 🙁

Kaleb Burt says:

I first heard of the TCG when I started playing Hearthstone. I thought to myself, “man this would be so cool if this was a physical card game” so I Googled it and saw it DID exist…. But it was dead then I was disappointed

selphiron says:

I still boycot Blizzard because of this. They screwed over all WoW TCG players.

Cavemantero says:

Anything is better than Shitstone. Literally, it is the worst CCG I’ve ever played. The only thing it has going for it audio/visual porn. As a strategic game it is simple…build the best meta deck you can and hope to draw your win or….build something fun and lose.

Jared GIlbert says:

I was actually hoping you were going to open all the packs. i miss WoWTCG 🙁

Jeffxm003 says:

Do VS System please

Kyle Beachy says:

the WoW TCG was replaced with Hearthstone. Card rarity was determined by the colour of the writing at the bottom (white, green, blue, purple, orange – for common, uncommon, rare, epic, legen-wait for it-dary).
you should try to pick up the 40k ccg by sabertooth, i played that a lot back in the day, it’s a great game.

ZombieSexmachine says:

Could you do Warlord: Saga of the Storm? Loved that card game. Found it funner than Magic. Was a lot like D&D, you used a D20 for attacks vs defense and skill checks. It’s was around for 10 years. Lasted longer than many TCG’s

Malonze Productions says:

i fucking LOVED this game… it is the only card game i actually played as well as collected. I won several tournaments and played with friends in highschool…. hearthstone fucking killed it. and its not nearly the same or as fun… i hate hearthstone to this day for ruining TGC

박재영 says:

Some beautiful artwork
still alive in hearthstone

SugaryCoyote says:

Quests cards were interesting and a great way to do resources. Raids were very cool, not many games have something similar. I like the ability to choose a hero to build a deck around.

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