WOW Reign Of Fire God Pack 19 Loot Cards

WOW ,TCG ,GOD PACK, Reign of Fire Booster Box. 19 Loot Cards!! First Booster Box Purchased Reign of Fire. Spectral Tiger and Nether Rocket had two mounts per card.


Morris™ says:

240 dollars for that much loot :O i want

Mallrick says:

:O the luck loll

vydenis says:

wtf God pack? Thats crazy..


Do you sell some of the loots or the cards. I might be interested in some. So write back and let me know if you sell them.

BattleOoze says:

i really want spectral tiger

Niklas Kaplan says:

Drinking game, take a swig of beer every time he says “Right there” 😛 jk but good vid bud and congrats!

Владимир Тиунов says:

Вы врете! Волшебного петуха и призрачного котенка в этом наборе карт быть никак не могло! Они добываются из других наборов карт!!!!!!!!!!! ВЫ брехливые два дурака!!!!!!!!!

Ninja JapJap says:

WTS Ingame Mount Not the card, Feldrake x 2 Blazing Hippox1 Corrupted Hipox1 Ghastly charge x2 Savage raptor x 2 DragonHawk x2 Mottled Drake x1 Pm for more info and prices

swiggityswag says:

u are gay

Christian Sabbagh says:

to get a god pack is it a mistake? or did they put 15 loot cards into a pack on purpose?

Cody Craft says:

Dude, you are really old to be playing WoW…

elias bystedt says:

where did you buy this box?

Mike Peterson says:

You were always guaranteed 4 loots…the god pack doesn’t count towards that.  Once you get the god pack you were guaranteed 19 loots.

endboss116 says:

Right there. Right there. Right there.

rawr balelolo says:

I bought 3 boxes and got a god pack half way into my 3rd. Unbelievable and wish I was able to video, but I’ve lost my voice due to flu. Congratulations to both of us 🙂

In total I got 27 loot cards from the 3 boxes-

3 spectral tiger (WTF)
1 ghostly charger
1 feldrake
1 spectral kitten
1 saltwater snapjaw
1 x-51 nether rocket
1 ethereal plunderer
1 mottled drake
1 the red bearon
1 savage raptor
2 el pollo grande
1 kiting
1 amani dragonhawk
1 wooly white rhino
2 landro’s lil’ xt
1 the footsteps of illidan
1 corrupted hippogryph
1 landros’ gift
1 owned
1 landro longshot
1 gone fishin’
1 tiny
1 eye of the legion

Haakon Gran says:

That godpack paid for the box times 30 ATLEAST. Good on you guys, Jesus christ. the luck!!!

iLive2WoW says:

Hi guys great video. The “special cards” you were talking about are actually just hero cards. The rarity of the cards is actually on the bottom. White common green uncommon blue rare purple epic orange loot. Gratz

Kaydenkoss says:

Like Call the video Wow God pack – Spectral tiger – Feldrake and all other stuff full hyped!
Would get more views 100%

Dogfood says:

are these boxes still in production?

Joachim Barblan says:

I think it’s awesome that you do this with your dad! Not many people share their card unboxing with their parents. I wish I could do that with my dad but he’s not into this stuff! Anyways great job on your God Pack and make good use of those loot cards 😉

SilverRaven says:

so, you didn’t waste your money for nothing gratz :)!!!!!

FancyCookie says:

i love collecting cards

Nicholas Rancourt says:

Wow this is awesome dude

TheComedian says:

dude tell me can i buy from u a chiken mount?

Unchainedboar says:

why doesnt my DaD play WoW… QQ lol

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