WoW TCG Archives Box Break Insane double mount loot!

This is an old footage uploaded on request, probably one of my best breaks on camera! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned, I got about 10 WoW TCG Breaks to upload.


noddulf says:

ah been missing theese vids x) thx

MrFlyingFox1 says:

Sign me up! Btw, lastemper0r, what r u going to do with the mounts? eBay?

PJ Slim says:

I know the person who made and sold wow head for 1m.

Poems Nightcore says:

Who the fack is playing cards??

Yunoend says:

I just wanna try to open one box that may have some rare mounts in it, what box should I buy? This will just be a one time thing to test my lock.

JJ says:

pls do such a data base

sgr7th says:


“Fuck no…”

ChrisDSX says:

What does everyone do with the cards??? I want them to play the game…so many breaks for the loot.

Daniel Fattouh says:

I want a GIVEAWAY!!

Pokemonunboxed says:

What does x mean on a card for example when blood fury enters play out x fury counters on him pls help

Abinaz says:

2:59 and 4:38 Thank me later

Tzortzina Kon. says:

so many boxes…..

Groza says:


Bridgette Turner says:

Move To The google search And then Type: *FreeCodesXXX* Now this happens to be the purely working wow game card working from this month. Do not waste your entire time on other software

totinos pizza rolls 10/10 says:

Yes, you’re back 🙂

darkoraify says:

lesson 1. How to throw away money to useless thing in life xDxD

john ryman says:

nice video!

Pocketnite says:

I forgot I am subbed but I’m glad I saw this video in my feed :3 I love these and hey, enter me in a giveaway, I’ll take anything xD

Tristan Thurman says:

how expensive are these

Bill M says:

nj that insane get 2 mounts

Nevarion says:

Can i have the sandbox tiger? 😛

Vitaliy Ferents says:

I wanna to buy some box. Guys do you recommend me to buy Icecrown 24 packs is it good or not?

totinos pizza rolls 10/10 says:

try your luck with Reign of Fire — there’s a chance at a god pack which is all loot cards

6komet says:

nice one congratulation:) once i bought 3 packs of cards for like 24£ then i got a wooly white rhino – thats some luck:) then i went to a tcg card guy who buy a lot and sell and bought some pets from him pretty cheap, and i bought a swift shorestrider. there is alays people who say ;” wtf  u doin m8 lul, u cannot do anythign with maunts i wanna play game lul”. dont buy it if you dont like it , and i really dont care the opinion of these people, i buy it because i like it.

Joel Plays says:

how would i buy one off these boxes?

Moldavious TCG says:

i got the same loot on my channel from an archives box ;P

R Azazel says:

how much these packs cost back in the day?

Hìkyu says:

was eine geld verschwendung

Lucian Bot says:

is on the cards a code or just for playing like pokemon or yugiyo

chainchain8 says:

I opened 72 packs (36×2)of war of the ancients and i got 6 eye of the legion and one demon hunter aspect. No fel drake :/

TiimTerminator says:

Nice vid dude

Daniel Fattouh says:

Are archives the only ones with codes in them?

NoiseFr3ak says:

How much is it for this whole box?

FiloGex says:

what is the box called you had in the video?

Alexis highlight queen Sandefur says:

Why is no one breaking anymore :()

Prizz! says:

Whare do you buy the cards/packs from??

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