WoW TCG Beginners Guide

Munch gives a quick beginners guide to the ins and outs of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

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13 37 says:

ur forgetting to factions Argent Crusade and Scourge

qlcmusic says:

Since they DC’ed this game I bought almost all the starters and all the dungeon and raid decks… It’s super fun, raids and dungeons make this more like D&D with cards

Hamza Pokemon videos says:

This helped since I have just started

BushBumper says:

The resources in this game is just a stupid concept. Blizzard realized this when they made Hearthstone obviously because they completely changed how you play cards.

Hasty says:

Thanks SO much for this great guide! +1 Sub =)

Kenny Barton says:

hi just wondering if you can add different pack together? E.G. mix a war of the elements, with tomb of the forgotten? thanks

Armando romeu says:

I just started and in my card shop the manager said it was dead

Ace Steal says:

This video was helpful. Thank you 🙂

Val A says:

were do u get the amazing game?

halec vk says:

+1 😉

Maximatt says:

can we play alliance & horde in a deck ?

AwesomeScout says:

I live in norway idk where to buy packs


its like Hearthstone

Ceres Pineda says:

This video is very helpful because I have now more idea how it works.
WOW TCG is not popular in my area so I want to know how it works before buying cards…

Tamás Seres says:

helpful video!

1964PoorBoy says:


TwInN AcE says:


The wafflemaker 2000 says:

what I dont under stand what do you use for the costs on the cards

Stephan Berger says:

I noticed you called 1 die ‘a dice’.

FalconAshe K says:

Not cover either was Loot cards. These are cards that you can add to your World of Warcraft PC character. Some cosmetic, some limited use items or mounts. Finding one is one in four booster packs. Good luck. This vid was great for what it needed to do, Thanks.

Faded Tiger says:

Hey. How do you handle weapons cards that do not say 1 handed or two handed?

Val A says:

do a multiplayer match vs someone plz

Rob man says:

1 thing I don’t understand, Oor do you pay for instant cards? do you pay for them the round before and use them whenever or just use up your next round resources?

Alex says:

Appreciate the attempt here but I think this video could use a lot of work. For example, the hesitations/pauses/mistakes there’s no reason not to have a proper cut without this. Also, quite a lot of stuff was missed also, such as factions. Thanks for the basic guide anyway

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