WoW TCG Icecrown Epic Collection Box Break and random boosters – Nice Loot!

Icecrown Epic Collection
Darkoom Faire
And some random boosters


Peter Kassabov says:


Alex Hodge says:

what! u just chucked the rhino 

Trizzy Frizz says:

Thats A very nice rhino you have thee … 😀

Ethan Foster says:

wow two things and it was only like 300 $ epic fail

Ðoonight flexi says:

I gotta say, I just love the sound when he open dose package`s !

Jaez says:

Sorry that i can’t see it like you asshole, no need to be a dick about it. I was probably tired.

bizzare1414 says:

WTF is a RHENO? its a rhIno

Berke Bicen says:

keep uploading videos like these dude!

Jaez says:

I don’t see a code at the bottom.

Paul Harrison says:


Tyr 1 says:

dude ttttthat tttiger is wwwworthh 500 freakinggg dollers

Agony says:


justinlikestocomment says:

Reeno 911?

gerard kennedy says:


Rotmg Pros says:


PlastKladd says:

Well what do you suppose he should do? Hold it forever?

Pingemarr says:

I thought that it was the loot everyone wanted ?

BoyzZ960 says:

Where you can order those packs?

Confuciusplaylist says:

fkin geeks only buy cards for ingame rewards.. so sad

W4R71G3R says:

on every card is 1 number on it and it will show how rare

Robin Van Der Koppel says:

I had some good luck and pulled out a tiger yesterday, from the reign of fire timewalkers edition (Boosterbox). So if you can get your hands on one of those maybe you’ll have some more luck. 😉

Nathan ThugLife says:

whats a woolie weet reeno?

Mae Black says:

Love the sound it makes when the cards slide <3

chandler wilson says:

yeah… but i hope both of you two dumb ass’s realize that the spectral tiger in his hand is worth 600-800$ soooo just think about that one.

NLS says:

i just tried the code …didnt work feelsbadman HA GOT EM

Whoop_dat_Whoop says:

I hate that when ppl just buy cards for like 100e, and then they just throw them all tho rubbishbin.

Stacy Croley says:

its called a “rhino” moron not reno lol

Lex Mane says:

Where do you buy them?

King Slayer says:

did you just buy these for the loot? i’m thinking of doing it but i can’t justify spending money on something i won’t use.

Isaac Wårheden says:

no but put it down easily not throw the card!!!

lekermedensockerkaka says:

Sluta prassla

Qualifies_ says:

I’m Rhino, that’s Reno

Tristan Fuller says:

Lol Reeno?

Anders Holst says:

Hello, can you link me the web side where you buy the cards?

James Beebe says:

they do print spectral tigers now

Rob Deseekelor says:

Hey nice video i think i’m going to start collecting these

cole train says:

how can you tell its rarity

IXWannaXlivexforXyou says:

LOL, right?!

Alatreon says:

Jupp, Exept that you can get cards that are worth 1000$ so yea… Not a bad lottery 😉

Ethan Hall says:

Hey guys, I just made two box break videos if you want to check them out. All cards are for sale, plus some loot cards that I got from a box that I didnt put on video.

Jordan Dosil says:

@Paul Harrison, I just get mine from the local Walmart 🙂

Samiyah Joezett says:

Where can u get those cards at and how much do they cost deatails please???

Andreas petrou says:

how much is this things damn

Jaez says:

I hate it when people open these packs they only care about fucking loot.

Craft2974 says:

if you were trying to say rhino, then both you and the other guy don’t know how to spell.

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