WoW TCG Reign of Fire – Spectral Tiger box break !!!

Loot: 2x Landros Gift, 1x King Mukla, 1x Spectral Tiger @ 10:40


Shanks says:


Bergeron 798 says:

i zont zink zo

cennet kucuk says:

what ze fuck huehuheuehuehue

John Tv says:

Dude can u give me one please please please!!!

Chinto says:

Oh god ……….. Wath se fuck ??? Damn pls learn english dude …. -.-

Disordia Mercyy says:

sehr it iz

Zezaii - Twitch Highlights says:

From denmark??

zeralatur says:

der typ kann sich glaub ich kein tisch leisten oder warum macht der dass aufm boden

ashraf7478 says:

zerrrrr it izzzzzz

David Lastname says:

You asked, and you received lol.

Ann Goddard says:

I died at 10:56 lololoololo

Venox4x says:

why you lay down while opening trading cards Oo ?

Darryl Williams says:

10:56 this guys laugh is cancerous

K3rriganZerg says:

I have a question, hopefully someone knows the answer lol. I have the Queen of Suffering card but it’s double sided, is that normal or is it a defect?

Leon Frederich says:

gua da fuk man

Adi 187 says:

Red nie wieder englisch!

Brawnyrootz #isso says:

Kaufe Zügel des Spektraltigers auf Arthas  add Marcel11#2615   preis ca 550k verhandelbar

Aggy / Markus says:


skoun4 says:


Shahan Boss says:

How do i get these?

Signex NL says:

I think that people are overpricing that Spectral Tiger too much, you can live off buying few boxes and sell it online wtf. 😀

Patrick Fisker says:

“So we got zu of them”

Pu Loi says:

Found a website that does Reign of Fire giveaways and I won a couple of loot codes to add in my toybox but I’m still trying for the spectral tiger 😀 check it out here if you want to give it a shot


wotz ze fack

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