WoW Trading Card Game : Assault on Icecrown Citadel Raid Lich King Gameplay!

As a big fan of WoW TCG, and even more of everything WotLK related, I decided to recreate the Icecrown Citadel raid deck. Cards were 100% random, played like a normal game. It’s a little bit fast-paced to keep the video at a reasonable length. If you do not know the game you might need to slow down. Everything was simplified a little bit for various reasons, but it stays true to WoW TCG (unless there are bugs I did not notice). More info below :


Lich King : At the start ot his turn, if he has 2+ ressources he can search his deck for frostmourne or his helm and play it. For 10 ressources he wins the game.

Sylvanas : She and her allies have +1 atk on her turn. For 7 ressources it switches to +2 atk and she deals 7 dmg to a target.

Tirion : At the start of his turn he may heal 1 from a hero/ally. For 6 ressources it switches to 2, he puts ashbringer into play and for each paladin or priest he controls he deals 2 dmg to a target.

Jaina : Adds +1 dmg to her spells. For 8 ressources it switches to +2 and she can search her deck and put two allies into play.

All cards can be found here :

The rules of the raid can be found here :

Cards and sounds come from Blizzard, I do not own anything. I used Unity3d, photoshop, premiere pro, after effects and audacity.


KilliaK says:

Very cool Luc! This seems awesome. I didn’t know this existed.

DBZFanatic says:

Is this a physical card game or just computer game?

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