5D’s Card LEAKS and Drop Rewards Review! SYNCHROS! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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KC Cup, top decks


Chemicalist says:

I honestly did not think there were enough shitty Blackwings for Konami to completely blow over the good ones!

Paddy Kelly says:

The only way that I see Morphtronics being good is if they either give us the Morphtronic OTK trio (Boomboxen, Radion and Boarden) or if they give us 3 copies of Morphtronic Cellfon to allow for Morphtronic Syncro Spam.

Janson Vargas says:

I think black rose dragon would be extremely good in duel links if it were to be released.

Zac Rader says:

It’s called black rose DRAGON

fernando cubis says:

black garden troll deck when

Zatch Bell says:

Lmao the only word in DKds vocabulary is “garbage”. Dude literally will say that unless something is obviously busted, and even then we don’t need help in figuring that out

adan arturo ramos silva says:

grass looks memer doriado otk deck in coming ♥

John Cena says:

These cards by themselves don’t offer much, but cards like Earth Armor Ninja, D-Hero Mali or the Vassal cards all exist. There is hope. I like the idea of the best deck being goodcard.dek instead of strategies forced upon us by konami

Louiss Karlo T Gloria says:

im excited for tech genus

Sai Prime says:

12:35 That’s not how “Only once per duel” works. It means each player can use the effect only up to once in a duel, it doesn’t lock out your opponent in a mirror match.

CrimsonBlaster 46 says:

Would powerful rebirth be viable with Synchros because of the level boost. It’s nothing significant but I feel that with synchros it can make a difference nonetheless.

Andrew Tamez says:

Can’t wait for black wings

Gustavo Hernandez says:

there is also the skill that add 2 quickdrawn synchron, with quickdrawn synchron you can summon junk berserker a lot easier

Gus Heinrich says:

Wait what program is he using to search these cards? It looks an awful lot like dueling network but I thought that got shut down

Joemar Rivera says:

Holy shit, they added shiny ponyta into duel links

Elijah Aldrich says:

@duellinksmeta what do you mean impact on the meta? Floodgate traphole was played fairly often.
Do you mean how it impacts the flow of meta?
After typing this out I suppose floodgate was a response to the meta more than an influence.

Aarion Lloyd says:

Jack atlas is coming in 2019 just watch realbradaz

TheJudge 27 says:

waited 1 year for GARBAGE 5Ds :D, atleast GX had Galactic origin main box and structure decks and soon after crowler was released and he was meta.

Ryan Mya says:

Level between 1 and 4, so basically thats the better skill

Sir V says:

Did you really “whip out the calculator” for 5 times 6?
What a fucking moron.
I thought your girlfriend said you were smart.

Firdaus Ismail says:

S U C C uler

StormCrusher94 says:

Will psychic get any better when they get their synchros? Also will the current “tuner” get their tuner tag?

Neo Star says:

Guys anybody know when selection box will releasing again?

Jordan Jc says:

jack atlas is gonna be released cus thats yusei’s rival and crow would be lika zane unlock tbh

England 1 Iceland 2 says:

hopefully we dont get another cyber angles in 5ds

beez neez says:


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