A Very Yu-Gi-Oh! Christmas Opening

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Tristan Moehl says:

Also: dam! you got 2 starfires?! that’s about as good as you could get

Mateus Murozaki says:


Brodin PAD says:

A Pack Opening Video From A Pack Opening Channel For Christmas. Who Could Want More?

TheGuyWhoIsSitting says:

Fusionist? Broken! Ban it now!

Reks Joseph Volstgalph says:

My husband got me Borreload Dragon!!!

pastazmajonezo says:

I t ‘ s n o t w o r t h o p e n i n g p o w e r b o x e s

Lucas Phoenix says:

Whens that Montage Dragon Deck Profile, that’s my Christmas wish?

乁dragon違 says:

we’re from the mitten and my cousin got us both SOFU boxes to open, was very nice xmas gift. hope u had happy holidays mister zeeff

Heroark says:

Merry Christmas!

Wintorz Creative says:

Did anyone find the chosen picture? :’D

James Brincefield says:

My mother gave me a $50 Visa gift card to buy cards online, but didn’t actually buy me anything YuGiOh-related. I think I’m going to spoil myself and rarity bump some stuff in a few of my decks.

Tristan Moehl says:

I got some yugimons for Christmas KINDA-ish:
-I got Yugioh Forbidden Memories (ironic since I got that game almost 15 years ago on Christmas too)
– $30 to spend at Gamestop, which was 6 Special Editions there (3 FLOD, 2 SOFU, 1 CYHO)
I gotta wait to open them ’til the 27th tho bc we’re waiting for my brother to return home

Kemp says:

i was going to get a bunch of cards off tcg, but somebody stole them in shipping 🙁
my nat beast, gone. :(((

Jason Clark says:

Metal Dragon? It’s so bad you can’t even Instant Fusion it.

TheMrME1 says:

NoT a PAcK oPeNiNG ChaNnEL bTw

Da-Ja's Quality Crap says:

*This was very Yu-Gi-Oh.*

James Brincefield says:

Another thing you didn’t mention (though you may have before) about the graded cards is that they’re not from the original LOB set. They’re from the reprint set. The Final Flame, or whatever it’s called, that you opened said “Spell Card” instead of “Magic Card.”

Nikolas Olvera says:

I got a Soul Fusion box from my parents, and I ended up pulling Colossus and Levianeer!

Edward Vong says:

Definitely not a pack opening channel

AceTix8 says:

Got the 2018 mega tins from my dad today, pulled some cool cards as well.

Luis Pasillas says:

Merry Christmas

¡BezzyBee! says:

Literally all of my friends who thought about me bought me Yugioh Cards. One of my url friends ordered me a Hidden summoners booster box.

Roan Copeland Richards says:

Can you do another controversial Yu-Gi-Oh opinion video

Madra says:

What I got for Christmas was a day full of family joy.

jk im watching dzeeff alone at 5pm

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