AMAZING OLD SCHOOL Yu-Gi-Oh! Package from – 1st DCR, PSV, MRL LON

Check it out!

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Alex Wong says:

Thanks for making these videos dude. Gives great nostalgia from simpler times when opening a yugioh pack and getting a holo was the best feeling in the world. Keep uploading when you can and ill keep watching

Geeky Gamer says:

Wow thanks bro I always get my packs from Walmart

Mac Gargan says:

why would you usually not give away where you order your cards from?

Seth Grecko says:

Hey man, any chance you play on duelingbook? I would love love love to play some old school format duels with you (2002-2005) My db name is old school rs please let me know I love your channel so much

KamenFD says:

Rope of Life looking great again haha.

Joel Contreras says:

How do you feel about the eBay seller cardrushinc I bought a metal Raiders booster box and a duelist Saga Yugi Booster Box from them but haven’t had time to sit down and open them yet

Versace Shower Curtains says:

Thx for the tip on pharaohs servant

Utopia Lord says:

Man if only Heavy Storm can comeback.

Trevor Gudvangen says:

Id always like to know where you get your non scaled packs. Can always message me insta where you get em. I’m the guy who bought your heavy storm

Yu-Gi-Old! says:

another clutch old school opening. definitely going to order some packs from that sitecheck out my channel for awesome old school openings!

Nightcore Caliber says:

Hey old school, can you make a video of an old school duel with old school decks please

Harrison Alexander says:

I just wanted to let you know I bought from them just now and thank you for sharing the site.

Gabriel Valles says:

What is good guys. If you have some time please check out my 1st ever YuGiOh opening on YouTube. It is an opening of 20 1st Edition packs of The Lost Millennium. The video is split into 2 parts and there is a lot of lip smacking but please try to enjoy regardless if you decide to watch. Thank you.

relaxoxxl says:

Could you type us the link from yugioh oldschool site please?

Miguel A. Lara says:

Great video like always man

that guy says:

I was just on this site and didn’t know if I could trust them! Thanks for the heads up!

Ali S. says:

Thanks for verifying the site, bro! I was browsing it last week, but I didn’t wanna risk getting screwed over.

The BigG says:

My old school expert?

Erik Justo says:

Its my birthday today can i have a deck

Versace Shower Curtains says:

Shit luck 2day. O well

PADM 1990 says:

Gonna check those guys out

Bray Jay says:

That’s sick man!

YuGiOh Old School says:

So many old school packs at once! Almost as good as a box opening 🙂 Some time ago I picked up a whole batch of their LON packs as well (didn’t open them yet). Really nice price for those. The SRL were a little too expensive for me to pick up, but I saw they dropped the price since then.

GamerScrub says:

Chain wasn’t mint. Had deep grooves as shown by the light on the back. Good pulls though!

Julio Cesar says:

Good cards.

Just Josh says:

Have you pulled a “Cyber tech alligator” ever? I’ve been watching videos and have yet to see one.

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