Badman’s Reviews – Yu Gi Oh: Duelist of the Roses

Badman Faces off against a new enemies in this episode of Badman Reviews! Can he handle this new force or will he be doomed to review bad games forever!

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AegisOfFreedom says:

I loved the Shadow Of The Colossus music in the background

Ichi Glenndevis says:

Even though it wasn’t the best game, I still had tons of fun with it. Sure the AI wasn’t like great and all but if u have a friend to play with, it’s a lot of fun.

Dueling Duelist Drew says:

I liked the Beginning

Dark Lord Gig says:

Friend gave this game to me before he bought his own apartment. He told me “Dude You will love this game come visit me and show me your skills. I’ll miss you dude” Still cherish this game to this day ^^.

eric ray says:

1st ever story line in a lp of reviews

SkullKid20999 says:

ya know,when i had this game,my English was not all that great but i got the point of the story and i always picked the white roses just because Seto Kaiba was my favorite character from the show and i remember losing to May Valantine to the point that i have stopped i want play this game just for the nostalgia it gives.

The Eight Melodies says:

Keyblade Timmeee! :3

Zyad48 says:

i never won a single damn duel in this game,i went through the tutorial a few times to make sure I had everything down, and I never fucking won.

Matthew Coulter says:

I cnat belive how well halo reach music fits into the background of this! Nice touch!

Odinss SOn says:

omg dude, Nostalgia Power, Over 9000

Deadpixel1984 says:

i’m from west yorkshire ( the white roses )

A Poor Man Named Kenny says:

where did you get the keyblade prop?

Bootsricky says:

Great review man! For Buy or Die! would you possibly do Rouge Legacy?

kapara omer says:

I use the heart of the cards= cheating

Kyle Boorse says:

Wow what a great video badman you should do more zelda

fliper 456 says:

i loved this game and im still playing it today, even tho im op fuck

dz oussama says:

this game was my best game ever

Redspidey251 says:

I thought I was the only one who knew about this game

Kaan Erdi says:

Valkyria chronicles has bad enemy ai. Sometimes the enemy ends his turn without making a move.


I didn’t really like yugioh much, but I loved this game.

Ghost Ion says:

I wonder what happened to those villains…

Shadow Lugia says:

Awesome review, its funny and creative at the same time. You should continue this series.
Would you review the Falsebound kingdom on the gamecube as well? Or other yugioh reviews as well.

the pokemon master says:

The shadow realm

Nav says:

That AI is SO smart. Sounds like I programmed it.

Badman Reviews says:

I’m glad <3

Star Scorpio says:

and the story never continued

stormsonicspeed1 says:

BADMn its time to duel

Mrmightyturtle says:

Oh dude, I fucking love this game.

TrypShop says:

hahaha awesome dude

PiscesPrincess327 says:

I had this game once and I liked it 🙂 it was quite different ^_^

NC Productions says:

The main flaws of the game is the fact it was based off the prototype rules from forbidden memories, the deck cost system (which only should have applied for winning rose cards) and the fact obtaining cards in the game is unnecessarily bullshit

Danimally says:

Haha, you certeanly don’t know how to fuse. You can summon +2500 atk monsters using fusion. With the beginers deck. I beated this game when i was 11 years old witouth changing any card.

Damian Freeman says:

I’m currently working at trying to translate the gameplay from this game into a physical format…or, better, Tabletop Simulator.
I’ve done a template for the cards, etc. Obviously some rules need to be tweaked here and there.

Badman Reviews says:

Yes it was 😛

SmashMasterShow says:

the last thing I wanted to see first fucking frame was your belly button THNX BUT NO THNX DOOD 😛

Conor McGregor says:

Dat porn level acting lol

Biggerboot says:

Glad somebody did a good review of this game.

Rusty Bits says:

why do you use your shirt like an idiot?

Your President says:

This is a very uniqe channel.

The Krew says:

Nice review!

Siphon Rayzar says:

I remember playing this game when I was younger. It was good times.

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