BAN LIST REVIEW | 1st Place Global [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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M.S.A says:

What the hell is this thumbnail ?!! .. It looks like you printed it , cut it with scissors and then scanned it up

Ford102 Yue says:

thanks for sharing the infos about the limited n semi limited cards.

Pandah Commander says:

Dkayed seems like this tough guy hard to approach to me sometimes. Legit question tho, if im a newb and go to his stream asking stuff he wont get mad at me would he @@!

Kyleslie2 says:

Doesn’t the Middle Age Mechs nerf only slow things down by 1 turn since gemini summoning your knight will give castle a second counter? So counterplaying isn’t that significant.

Bruce Ree says:

damn you sound salty af for somereason, the vibes im getting is ur pissed off, calm yo ass pls!

Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! & Weiss Schwarz Channel says:

For some reason I always think of the list of Jericho whenever I hear the word list.


Aev says:

So, I’ve always wondered….since Konami acknowledges the existence of meta decks and claims that they strive for “balance”, why don’t they just nerf all top tier decks at the same time causing them to fall into the next tier? In that way all the tiers would come closer to each other and the top tier decks number would at least double. Doesn’t that make a better balanced game? Why doesn’t it never happen? Am I missing something? Someone help a fella in need thx

Death says:

Ugh I’m happy for mind scan! most annoying ability to play against for me personally. I’m literally making decks right now to make mind scan useless (besides CA’s since I don’t like the archetype) Glad its getting nerfed! restart is interesting too. Even thought you can take a educated guess on what they’re playing currently; absolution information would be very noticeable.Good-bye setting the world first turn vs phoenix.

Tyrone Chickin says:

I feel like the ban list shouldn’t affect the PvE of this game

prod. bzk says:

Whats up with all these fucking advertisements man fuck off

Natdanai Rattanapakdee says:

Miracle Contact deck please.

Pedro Miguel Bencomo says:

konami is cleaning the actual meta for the new box coming in December.

mol0 Bond says:

in future they should change the name also, duel link to duel “burns” !!

Kreatur says:

FUCK KONAMI for that 3sd nerf you had to fuck it up twice

Tarextherex says:

Good, now limit electro, massivemorph and rare metalmorph. Maybe amazoness swords woman too

purolucky says:

Good Video man, i think that Konami wants to gate guardian deck were the new meta since the beginning…

dj Gogetta says:

this is just a nerf to ninjas. Making the skill crap so CA can be top again since ninjas are starting to be used more against CA and other bs

alexgatillofull says:

Gosh the burn decks are obnoxious and cheap…can’t even enjoy this game on the pvp.even my ass is slapping lava golem on every deck

blackmagick77 says:

Wooooow. The one limited card per deck is fucking stupid :/

先輩野獣 says:


Alberto Vallarino says:

how did you get so many gems? XD

Lyndis says:

That is not how banlists work konimi

Edmund B says:

How is endless trap hell bugged?

Madoka Kaname says:

Dakini was too strong for duel links , wise decision from Konami

Koala says:

Dakini is my favorite deck and they nerfed it like hell 🙁

Marcus McKinney says:

All these changes and I want to know how does dkayed have a level 25 Bonz already.

Kai says:

And NOONES talking about Gladiators…. Lel!

Them and Hazy will rule DL till the next patch….

Dread Knight says:

They may have nerfed AG Castle, but I still get my Soldier with 1600 ATK.

Sir Smiles says:

How does the new balance work?

Kurumilover69 says:

I feel the banlist was a decent hit and I feel cyber angles are still going to be decent in the meta they can use the other ritual and run 2 denki

jayyemm69 says:

This guy talks like brad hall lol

Syabil Azman says:

My gems on ninja wasted. Pretty sad actually.

AheadArtifact40 says:

I remember dk saying he got an email from konami saying CA gettin nerfed.But even If he was joking than he was right.

SurfingJakeOwns says:

fck dakini hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Noob says:

3:00 I just played against a player now on the lengendary rank who was using 3 dakini and a machine angel ritual. could it be that the update hasn’t happened yet??

Zen Kuragari says:

All these nerfs were needed…thank you konami. And for those who depend on just doing the meta…do something new…it’s not that hard especially when you’re a vet player and have almost all the cards. Make things interesting and to those who say konami is killing duel links…they’re not.

Deniro Chase says:

This dude bonz is at lvl 25 lol reaĺly tho ? XD mine at 18

epikshaowz says:


Cc Z. says:

LMAO ….. BTC LMAO !!!!!

Hayabusa - Shadow of Iga says:

They should add Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo with next pack

AMV 4theWin says:

Fuck my life i just completed my first Cyber Angek deck.

Mast Chance says:

It started when an angel sacrifice did what it did… & summoned {cybers} to our realm from Kaiba Corp duel disks. Now Cyber Angels reign in terror. E-con take & kiss Benten. Now, if you see them you might be in for a big surprise. They’ll swarm the field the 2nd turn & tare out your 2 eyes. As Dakinis overwhelm you, your opponent just discarded Benten. Benten. Benten. Aaaaaaaarmed with Senju’s 1000 hands. Sonic Bird’s plowing your girls rear end. Cyber Petite Angel will make them pay; cuz, with those stats you might as well be pay to play, Benten… B-b-b-b-b-bben. Cyber Angel Benten.

poppeyblack says:

I think konami will hit an other staple to 2. Cus that hit is yes good but not that good. Imo they might hit like econ or floodgate to 2 also so they cant run those cards also. Cus hitting ninja like that and not really hitting CA is weird.

khaled bbv says:

how u use ur keyboard for playing?

Troy Smith says:

What about saffira and the ritual spell replacement

Alexandru Iordachi says:

Cyber angles or nah … darkworlds are coming so gg CA

TheFPSCameron says:

I’m about a minute in and there hasn’t been a review, you’ve just jerked yourself off about “predictions”.
Is Dkayed Dkayed’s biggest fan?
I’m going to miss 3sd ninjas, though.

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