Best Yugioh Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck Opening and Review! Epic!!!

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Soul Seeker1117 says:

Do you get screaming withdraws in church?

Hoshinkwan Protaekwondo says:

Stop reading the effects you fool

Chozin Yi says:

A cyber dragon deck without Cyber End Dragon?? Madness!!!

Engrith Torres says:

by cyBER

spirit seven gaming says:

i kinda like the starter deck

Zedge Gaming says:

does anybody know what card packs contain cyber dragon drei? im really in need of him

Yoani Castro says:

I Sell yugioh cards 50 cents and 75 cent see my videos on YouTube Yoani Castro I don’t have a pic on it views and sub

Ren King says:

I’m thinking of running a cyberdragon deck, can someone tell me where I can find this deck for a decent price? and also any tins/ booster packs that contain a lot of cyberdragons

Manic Zero says:

Man if Zane from gx saw this he would be rocking the most serious of boners for a solid week

Yoani Castro says:

I sell yugioh cards 50 cent and 75 cents Phoenix az and California I don’t have a pic on YouTube views and sub

xXmagictrollgamingXx ROBLOX says:

look like he just bought a starter pack

Quartz Apatre says:

It would be awesome if one of the villains the next Yugioh arc v season heartland and academia could use Cyber Dragon Nova !!

Smiley SM says:

i am gay

Oridan1 says:

I expected a review. I want to know what modifications can be be done to this deck to fit the current meta and how much could that cost

Hector Leon says:

man, this guy inspires me, like I wanna make videos of unboxing Yugioh decks and unwrapping packs and give my opinion on what I think of some of the cards :3 he should try getting some old structure decks and unbox them. like the Exxod deck.

ak47ava .dman says:

guys where can i buy this deck for reall ycheap

Saber-san says:

beta -_-

mark depew says:

thack you

yong bo jin says:

What a nice deck

Inpanh Sounthone says:

how to get cyber dragon deck

Xman who knows says:

i combo nova with cyber end

hay wa ah ba vai em rat ham mo ah says:

what the fuck

adam decoudre says:

i do have all the deck from the yu gi oh seasons all i need is the deck of the yu gi oh gx seasons do someone know were i can buy them ?

Wicked Ways says:

Damn, you were so ugly 2 years ago haha XD

Ellis Griggs says:

wich cards do you not need

kc james says:

pee pee

sSoul_17 says:


adionat _ says:

haha i’m german i laighed when i heared zwei and drei

Jim Larimore says:

I’m looking for any syncros and xyz monsters that anyone could trade or dousnt need

Stefano Dall'Olmo says:

i have a question guys: i was usingn my cyber deck, and i actived cyber network in the turn of my opponet. i was controlling cyber dragon and i actived the effect of network in his turn. did i cheat?????

wolfgirl says:

I bought that to my brother in hope he would want to play with me… we played one match and he hasn’t touched the deck since then ;(

Yoani Castro says:

I Sell yugioh cards 50 cents and 75 cents in Phoenix az and California Yoani Castro I don’t have a pic on it

huynhtrung toai says:


reyven PL352 says:

my favorite deck

Allissa27 says:

Can I have A card and I will give you five rare card’s

Malik Alzaabi says:

i just got this yesterday and i didn’t know exactly what cards are included other than ” 2 cyber dragons, power bond, and cyber twin” but the deck was AWESOME, especially SUPER POLYMERIZATION with all the yugioh gx memories. i was like WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.

if you would get any structure deck. definitely it should be either this, or saga of blue eyes.. ir maybe both 🙂

Generic says:

I really really want this deck but it doesn’t sell where I live can you leave an online link if if I could by it online???

Jack Wayne says:

Cyber Dragon Drei’s first effect shouldn’t even work. It’s making all “Cyber Dragons” you control level 5, not all “Cyber Dragon”(s) you control. Last time I checked, they’re all treated as “Cyber Dragon” not “Cyber Dragons”.

Tuyet Dang says:

cyber end dragon ?

SoN Jr. says:

I have this and I modified it with a few cards making it a bit better

Zane afzal says:

that’s my deck

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