*BEST* YuGiOh Legendary Collection Kaiba Opening & Review! GIVE IT TO ME KAIBA!!

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Nuance6 says:

Did u reupload this?

Jordan Jackson says:

Ash blossom is going to go down in value. I have opened 3 boxes and gotten 2 ash blossoms out of 3. I could see it going down to around 20

dickvieh says:

You don´t seem as excited as usual. Everything fine dude?

DeStRuCtIoNmAn19 says:

Haven’t had a chance to pick one of these up yet, what’s the pull rate on those Ash Blossoms?

Jesse Markham says:

Ohhhh BABY this is LIT

Jordan Jackson says:

Original art for blue eyes should have been secret rare

Kyle Elliott says:

Who needs Ash Blossom when the classic art BEWD is harder to pull

Cody Gilpin says:

You should Make I deck with all the card you got. I bet you could make one really easy

tecktonalex says:

1:05 i should’ve seen that Owen Willson coming from miles away

minecraft1901hulu says:

I hear you with the amumu LoL music in the background 🙂

Canadian Geek says:

50$ – 70$ for 3 packs, five promos and a mat…

Janik Dominik says:

Just bought the new legendary collection gameboard edition, love it. Hi from Germany bte

Carito - The A&G says:

Ironically at the start i got a duel links ad and it kiaba was on it

Dr Mahlek says:

Kaiba gave it to you immediately

Cedric Shepherd says:

cool opening video man. And where can I buy a Case of legendary collection kiba at man.

Hagetsu says:

welcome back king

Sharu Atun Baåk says:

I got 2 Ash Blossoms in ONE box! lol

Kaineypoo says:

Set those there…

*Tosses the cards across the table*

AFCManUk says:

Damn! Good job on the Ash Blossoms, dude. Are Ghost Ogre’s, Droll & Lock’s and Ghost Reapers’ really hard to pull across the pond, then?

Thomas Brown says:

They need to put alternative emperor dragon and neo ultimate to complete the set

Manny Gonzalez says:

I baught one box and pulled ash Blossom on my first pack ! Soo Hyped on it !

Justin Clark says:

Hey Simply, Do you still sell cards on ebay?

Kimesh says:

I’m sure so many people have asked but I would love to know/see how Simply stores all his cards. Have an old small collection in a card book and would love to expand on it. Love the videos Simply!

Ryan Benavides says:

No wonder there out of stuck lmao. All good why I bought the box set of Dark side of Dem. hopefully I got Max or Alternative

Corey sease says:

The luck of 2 Ash blossoms in 4 boxes I saw a box opening video of a case he opened 12 boxes only and got one Ash , damn right

Angel shrimp says:


Dope_ Riskx says:

Where’s the beard at? Also subbed

Maga Hi says:

Where to buy this

Jeremy G says:

bustin some bawwwwlz >.> lmaoo

Sylver says:

Meh, needs more Parrot Dragons ¯_(ツ)_/¯

unkown player23 says:

3 x 61$ cards = more of KAIBA bustin your balls lol

ZZBlackRoseZZ says:

The ball busting comment reminded me that for years I’ve wanted you to make a series where you don’t have to censor yourself for the camera, knock back some brews and have fun opening some boxes. You could call it “Simply after Dark”.

creepertk 031 says:

su your only good in duel links and you have all these cards in real life but you don’t know how to use them and with these pack opening there is no way you can get the rarest cards in the pack and another thing you don’t even deserve half of the cards you GET and your just so bad it’s not even like your trying to get the cards it’s like your asking for them and call who ever you want no one can stop me for speak freely and if YouTube takes my channel away then i will report YouTube for violating my right of speech and expression now long story short I will wreck you at this game not duel link cause I don’t play duel links but in real life not these company games the real card game.

Digital Adventurer says:

So kind of a dumb question but is there anywhere on the box that states if the packs are 1st edition? They have some of these at my store and wanna pick up at least 1. I figure they probably are since the set is only like a week old .

Alias Mask says:

I thought anti-raigeki was a skeleton with 4 arms

Michael Adams says:

I just want s blue eyes ultimate so bad

Grymm Reaper says:

More like King Of DiseasedDick! There are way better Dragon Kings out There in all kinds of gaming & lores.

Kamrin Martin says:

So if I pulled 3 of the ash blossoms where would I sell them at?

facundo ruiz says:

every child in valoran heard the tale before

Ernie Slam Jams says:

where do you go to check the price of some cards, id love to be able to see how much some of my cards are worth

Cryz3n says:

for those of u that play league of legends, didnt the background song at the end sound like amumu’s song?

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