Best YuGiOh Machine Reactor Structure Deck Opening and Review! | Ancient Gears are Back!!

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Cyclowner kek says:

Structure deck showdown!

Fabio Rocha says:

Would this deck go well with the Geargia Rampage Structure Deck?

The man Who laughs says:

Are you rich yet

Miquib says:

Too bad they suck

I wanted them to be good so badly

kenneth ramirez says:

My favorite archetype. Getting back in the gae because of this.

Ellie Haidry says:

I have that deck

KinJin says:

I die everytime he opens the box like that… save my soul

YUSEI2486 says:

they need to make ancient gear statue since it showed up in season 2 of yugioh 5ds

Jose Avalos says:

Dr. crowler yugioh gx

Tevian Collette says:

Powerful combo with this deck: Geartown for Reactor Dragon —> Use it by Tributing Ancient Gear Gadget

zedrick jaramillo says:

I wish that structure decks would contain 1 secret rare and 4 rares in addition to other rarities included so it would have 1 secret rare 2 ultra rare 3 super rares and 4 rares, it make most structure decks more tempting to buy and more appealing, so why doesn’t Konami do something like that?

Nicholas Lamb says:

can u do a card give away

Disabled Cucumber says:

Ancient gear vs cyber dragon?

Acrox Shadow says:

If only this had the Ancient Gears from Raging Tempest…*sigh*

Seriously though they’re basically mandatory for a good AG deck

also Chaos Giant is mah boi

Fran Ostroški says:

Is cyber dragon related structure deck coming soon??

Peter Cross says:

how come this isn’t on card data base

Jaka Dolžan says:

I find your voice so disturbing and annoying (just speak normally); but on the other hand you’r making great and interesting videos:)

Joshua Garner says:

Hi! im new to yu gi oh and am about to purchase this and i have a question. can you pick up all the cards that come with this and use them in a duel? or do you have to select a limeted amount of these cards. if the answer is the latter please recommend some cards to use out of the ones in the deck. thanks!

yemait says:

I got this deck on magical madhouse for $3

Wesley Turner says:

yes do a structure deck showdown that would be awesome

Raimundo A. Fernandes says:

I really hope that Konami remakes the Structure deck Dragon’s Roar and Structure deck Zombie Madness and finally Red-Eyes will playable …

Robert Leggett says:

Dr villain Crowler

Marzilla says:

Geargia (Gear Gigant X, Geargiauger + Geargiaccelerator), and Gold/Silver Gadget cards go good with this deck.

Milos Rakic says:

im goona have that deck and dino deck

XOwner says:

Does anyone know the name of the outro music?

luiscon95 says:

what booster pack u can get for this deck!?

Renato Conceição says:

hi i dont know if someone will be able to help me, i bought this structure deck and my ancient gear hydra looks a bit weird, everything looks normal but the but the foil ( or whatever is the name of the thing that makes the card shine,english is not my first language) is coming out of the picture towards the border of the card, its not a big deal you almost cant even notice it, but i was wandering if it counts as a mis print or if it is worth something, and im completely sure that its not a fake card or dirt

UnluckySwine 1 says:

Can we get a list of music that you play on the background? I want them for listening reasons

TeamSamer702x says:

why is everyone on youtube who does a opening says theres is “the best” -_- lol

Superkid 0807 says:

Simply unlucky can you talk about a very small amino the yu-gi-oh dullest community

keepout 123 says:


Wesley Turner says:

another AWESOME video

Jerry Wang says:

My legendary card! I summon ancient gear GOLEM!

Vin Assis says:

There’s also that trap card that takes together Green, Yellow, and Red gadget as one monster!

Glauco Gonçalves says:

Bandit Keith approuve this deck and gives a thunbs up for this video

Coyote 796 says:

Still trying to make an Ancient Gear deck that can beat a high tier deck (currently testing against Burning Abyss) and I doubt Ancient Gear will ever be good enough to become META itself.

Caleb2803 says:

What would be the best booster pack to buy to compliment and expand this deck

Ancientgear506 says:

already built my Ancient t Gear deck, Got smacked down by Metal foes last night :/

Chris Griffin says:

great video Roman! please use this deck against Alex! lol

ryan felps says:

your nothing but a fizzle simply unlucky

Templar says:

I would swim in a pool with ancient gears, sadly I’m getting this deck on Tuesday… can’t wait!

Iain Gunn says:

Did he really say pseudo wrong

The Zypher7 says:

“Oh Mr. Crowley, Can you summon your Ancient Gear?”

Hector Flores says:

it’s doctor crowler

Vangelis JR says:

if u buy 3 of em u have a deck

Shady Shinobi says:

Structure deck battle pls

Littlebro 201 says:

Dude I’m not gunna lie , you’re my favourite yugioh card channel on YouTube , you’re awesome

Nico Navarro says:

Simplyunlucky, you should do a video of machine reactor vs dinosmashers fury.’

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