Best Yugioh Realm of Light Structure Deck Opening and Review! Lightsworns!!!

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Korrupt Obiwan says:

should i get blue eyes deck or this ? helpppp

Fede Garrido says:

This structure deck is actually one of my favourites!

metal shadow says:

go suscribe to metal shadow yugioh

Reginald Kastle says:

Congrats on 250k 🙂

Malik Alzaabi says:

anyone who wants to combine 3 realm of light decks better have atleast 45 cards..

sSoul_17 says:

I feel you’re making fun of Yugioh every time you read the back of a deck box…

The Gatorboy says:

If only they could have made this structure deck in this era, perhaps they could have included a common Lawnmowing and Minerva the Exalted

Rio Tun says:

Jenis, Lightsworn Mender no cards ???

Justin Koenig says:

where can i still buy this?
everywhere it’s like $30+… wtf

Junway Lin says:

Minerva the Exalted Lightsworn reprinted in the Battles of Legend:Light’s Revenge

Chaz Starkey says:

I combined this deck with my Agent of Sanctuary deck, and it kicks all kinds of ass!

i hate weebs says:


Trey Bruni says:

I was gonna get a light deck so I searched dis vid really help ful

Freddie Franklin says:


Natsumi Jaki says:

This deck and saber force, which is better

Mitch Lorenz says:

lightsworns are in gx? they’re probs in the season 4 that they never dubed to english for some bs reason….


this deck or rise of true dragons

manutd5109 says:

I have added a galaxy eyes photon dragon to this deck and 2 synchro monsters

77714anthony says:

Im a noob. Saga of the blue eyes or this one? I already have Saga

Anthony All says:

I miss when Yugioh was simple and accessible. Now every card effect is complicated and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long to read =( 

Aaron Ford says:

Simply unlucky me and you could could on dueling network in the password or whatever is put duelmaster8610 and me ‘n’ you can duel some time ok many on 25/10/14 or any time we get a chance to ok 🙂

NelsonRB says:

should i buy this structure deck or space time showdown? (same price) 

Lord_frieza_tk says:

Judgement dragon reminds me of falkor

Steve 90 says:

This was actually my first structure deck , and i can say that’s a lot better than the geargia rampage structure deck. I miss it tho cuz I gave it to friend (worst desicion I could take in my life), and now I can’t buy it anymore cuz there’s no place where to buy one here in Paraguay.

ButterMyToast Mount Fuji says:

I wanted this for Christmas sooo bad, however I do not believe I got it. :/ You see my family is poor so please pray for us guys. Thank you and Merry Christmas! 🙂

Ratana Keo says:

I got fake card and 5 real only sad for me ;-;

Chozin Yi says:

I want this deck!!!

13t̖̭͔̗hArcana destruction says:

What’s better master of pendulum or realm of light?

Jey Peggy says:

What structure deck do you recommend me to buy? *Realm of Light* or *Saga of Blue Eyes*, I only can buy 1x but I will buy the rest 2 in the future, but to start dueling what do you recommend me?

Ratana Keo says:

I like ur yugioh

Pure Tornado says:


Amanda Yarbrough says:

Time for lightsworn in 2017 to fight the stupid as links

Arron Nguyen says:

I’m debating between Synchron Extreme and Realm of Light. Any thoughts on what I should get? I plan on buying 3x of the structure deck.

Bridget McClung says:

Im a girl yugioh duelist a nd I got this deck and I tried it out and it goes for a quick game

Chris Atlas Jimenez says:

The best thing about lightsworns is that they are not that overpowerd but not weak at all. Yeah I admit judgement dragon is a huge game winner but the card itself can be sent to the graveyard by other lightsworns by accident to its not that bad. Anyways lightsworns have a lot of builds like Zombie lightsworns, Chaos dragon, Pure lightsworns, Lightray lightsworns and the new Lightsworb Ruler build. I’m glad I’m a lightsworn user because its a deck with many ways to win and its fair for others since it was its flaws.

Johnny Price says:

Lightsworn deck was my first deck.

Minh Khoa Nguyen says:

Wats better light swan or dark world

Tetris Battle says:

There’s one Lightsworn monster missing. Felix, Lightsworn Archer

Ethan Nguyen says:

I brought this for my friend

Jonathan Kim says:

All lightsworns except felis

Gator x says:

Would someone mind explaining how to use this structure deck? I just hit it as a present and don’t understand shit

GoldEagle6500 says:

this deck is op… I almost never lose!

Sparticus Shakur says:

25 of the cards I need to finish my Chaos Lightsworn deck is only $47.95 now 😀

AngelBird says:

seems a lot luckier then his name leads.

Seirra Moon says:

this structure deck is awesome, it isnt that good against stall decks tho -.-

tho with mine i basicly took the basic structure deck and splashed in marie the fallen one and 2 other synchro monsters (namley scrap dragon) just so i could get some use out of all its tuner monsters

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