BEST YuGiOh Structure Deck MARIK Opening & Review!

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PetkermaN says:

dat LoL champ select music ROFL

gamer1611 says:

where can you get this now

Eduardo Cuatecòn Rojas says:

Whats the page for buy this tipe of cards bro ???

Darth Vader says:

GangPlank theme song. Very cool…

Jed Crouch says:

magical beast of sersket? BUTCHERING DAT NAME

Jabez_Kun says:

Against joey’s deck

Brandon Mcdonald says:

3 Ultras in one box? thats nice

nik Devil says:

joey starter deck the frist one

SlidinSkrub says:

that lol music in the background tho

Cloud Lake says:

Can I Have this deck? :p

luigi1456 says:

You could use gravity bind with lava golem, and use a card that stops your opponent from tributing monsters.

Rave2DaGrave says:

I dont think that was legit but I always used secret to special summon red nova Dragon from my extra deck xD

John Price says:

How do you have the “best” opening when all the marik decks are the same…..?

David Rossell says:

As time goes by you get more handsome, man! How do you do it? Haha

Arthur McDowell says:

You are super attractive, and your Zelda mat is beautiful.

Syn Cloud says:

How is it the best structure deck opening if the structure deck is just the same as any other marik structure deck?

Kevin Thao says:

Why do you have leauge music in the background??? Lololol

Ice Cubus says:

that league of legends music lol

Nevier Fable says:

marik vs the red eyes darkness deck

Musashi PCGames says:

Who noticed the league music on the back ground xD

Minecraft Lover says:


Luke Kerle says:

Yugi structure deck vs Marik structure deck

zyzyx says:

this structure deck is actually FIRE wow holy shit

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gamer qushair says:

Time line of destiny

loopenguin says:

Structure Deck Melvin sure looks good

ItzOrionn Wavi says:

I wanna see kaiba vs Marik. In battle city, kaiba got thrashed by yugi, therefore, he didn’t get a chance to face marik. So I’d like to see that. If not, I like to see an orichalcos deck vs marik

Brandon Mcdonald says:

cant decide. just duel every deck

Super Regent says:

Marik vs monarch

Think Clear says:

Where is Ra ? Marik deck was based on Ra’s effects

Dubwubgaming says:

Miark bs Pegasus

irene martell says:

Yugi vs marik

Sebastian Ace says:

without Winged dragon of ra its not complete that’s why I never bought the Marik deck cuz I already have lava golem secret rare and all the god cards but there are some good commons in there I didn’t know were in there

Isak Danielsson says:

thought i was in a ranked game lobby LUL

UnitedGamer1-4 Carlson says:

Zombie world

sayin master8783 says:

Link strike

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